Why do girls want guys to approach them, but only go after the guys who ignore them?

Question pretty much says it all. All you ever hear about is how women still want guys to do all the approaching (This is another discussion but for the sake of this question, let's just assume we're OK with that & generally I am). However why is it that you girls want us guy to make all the moves, but you only seem attracted to the guys who ignore you and show you no attention or interest.

I have a few female friends, who seem to do nothing but chase after guys who could give a sh*t about them. These guys ignore them in every way possible way, yet these girls chase these guys around for months without getting the hint. Yet the guy who actually pays them attention, makes a move on them, shows them respect, and flirts with them, gets nowhere. I've seen this behavior also extend past my own friends.

So why are you women so contradictory? Why do you sit back and look pretty, ask for us to come approach you, but then turn the cold shoulder when we do, and run off chasing the guy who did so much as even look at you? Is it maybe just a certain type of girl who tends to do this? Please explain to me the logic involved here if there is even any.
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If you think guys do you this you are wrong. 90% guys will tell you (& has been confirmed by many ?'s on GaG) that men are very turned off by girls who play hard to get or show no interest. Most men move on as soon as they realize a girl is going to take to much work or that she isn't interested. Nothing occurs 100% of the time. There are always people who are exceptions but its really no secret that women generally are far worse then men when it comes to chasing people who aren't interested.
Why do girls want guys to approach them, but only go after the guys who ignore them?
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