Why do many guys "HATE CURLY hair with a passion"?

Okay, so I've been reading on this site that many men hate curly hair on women. Why is that? What if it's naturally curly? What is it that bothers you dudes?

My hair is layered; my shortest layer is right on my shoulders and my longest layer falls to the middle of my back. It is naturally wavy/curly and it has volume. It gets poofy but when it is done right, it can look far better. I have natural brunette curls and waves. I've been reading that guys prefer girls with their natural hair, yet a large percentage of girls straighten their hair if it's wavy or curly. Straight hair is beautiful but natural curly hair seems to have personality. It seems fun and exciting; it bounces whenever the person walks. What do you guys think?

Be honest.
Why do many guys "HATE CURLY hair with a passion"?
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