Top “Cheating” Questions Of The Week

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I think most of us can agree that cheating is never acceptable and this week GAG users had A LOT to say about this particular topic. Questions like “What causes someone to cheat?” and “If someone cheated on you your whole relationship would you get back with them?”.

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Top “Cheating” Questions Of The Week

1. Mom wants to bring her cheating husband back... Should she do it? Would you?

Asked by @PurdysRebel88 in Break Up & Divorce

[...] “­My wife is not always happy with me but at times she just has irrational expectations of me so I probably look bad in my stepdaughters eyes to. So if we consider that you are 15 year old girl not much advice could be given. I don't know what's in your head and I don't know what is your moms opinion on the mater. Best for you I think is to leave adults to sort things out between themselves and not worry to much about it.

Good Luck.”

Opinion by @mateus

2. If your wife refuses to have sex with you more than once a month, is it ok to cheat on her?

Asked by Anonymous in Sexual Behavior

“Cheating is never okay.

I'd suggest that the couple attend some type of marriage counseling. See if the ship can be righted, and if not, then consider other options.”

Opinion by @DodgersGM

3. What causes someone to cheat?

Asked by Anonymous in Relationships

“Loads of reasons, I think if you've been in a relationship for a good number of years it's nice to get attention off someone else, feeling alone, boredom...”

Opinion by @thebritishgirl

4. Does she want to cheat on her boyfriend with me

Asked by Anonymous in Flirting

“She is already cheating on her boyfriend. Cheating is not only kissing or having sex, it is also about hanging out with a guy and lying about it”

Opinion by Anonymous

5. Why do men cheat and then apologize and beg to stay in your life?

Question by Anonymous in Guy's Behavior

“Cheating is not specific to men or women, it is the mentality of the people. There are few things that makes people to cheat on their partners.

1- They are not satisfied emotionally/sexually.
2- To find thrill in new
3- Feeling wanted

If somebody cheats on their partners, he/she is making a conscious decision and it is not a momentary indiscretion, unless after the act they come straight to you and admit their mistake.

I would never take my partner back, if she cheated as it will just ruin my and her future because I can't adjust with this fact. I guess people still beg to stay in a relationship because they realize that you are better _ the person who he/she has cheated with. It is just painful.”

Opinion by @spaceshuttle

6. Girls, do you stay faithful when you're in a long distance relationship?

Question by @Ryan1818 in Relationships

“I've been in a long distance relationship – never had the desire to cheat to be honest, and I wouldn't..I think if someone is considering cheating on their significant other.. at all, they should just end it.”

Opinion by @Angelyn

7. Is being turned on by other people cheating?

Asked by Anonymous in Relationships

“No, of course not. I don't stop finding women attractive just because I'm in a relationship. However, that doesn't mean they're a good match for me, and I certainly wouldn't pursue anything with them while I'm in a relationship.”

Opinion by Anonymous

8. Is have a threesome with your girlfriend considered cheating?

Asked by @Novemberboy in Break Up & Divorce

“If your girlfriend is there participating with you, it isn't cheating. Cheating is hiding that you are being intimate with someone else.”

Opinion by @Bubblebror12003

9. Boyfriend cheated and now we're going long distance. Can I trust him?

Asked by @Sensiblelady in Sexual Behavior

“It sounds like you didn't trust him anyway if you read his text messages. For him to have sex with someone after you broke up - was that so bad? The best thing is to talk to him about it. Ask him if he would feel the need to be with someone else. You can't beat honesty!”

Opinion by @Dave24

10. Would it be cheating if I sex chatted with another girl that I would never meet?

Asked by @ThickJohnson in Sexual Behavior

“Yes it is cheating. Its wrong. Its disrespectful to your girlfriend. And you should either leave your girlfriend or drop the one you're speaking to. Because either way, your girlfriend will find out and she will leave you in the long run.”

Opinion by @DessieDoo

11. If someone cheated on you your whole relationship would you get back with them?

Asked by Anonymous in Relationships

“Nah. If I did consider it, I would try to see if we can agree to terms on an open relationship. Assuming her reason for cheating was purely physical.”

Opinion by @SomeoneImportant

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Top “Cheating” Questions Of The Week
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