Top “Cheating” Questions Of The Week

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I think most of us can agree that cheating is never acceptable and this week GAG users had A LOT to say about this particular topic. Questions like “What causes someone to cheat?” and “If someone cheated on you your whole relationship would you get back with them?”.

Read the complete list below:

Top “Cheating” Questions Of The Week

1. Mom wants to bring her cheating husband back... Should she do it? Would you?

Asked by @PurdysRebel88 in Break Up & Divorce

[...] “­My wife is not always happy with me but at times she just has irrational expectations of me so I probably look bad in my stepdaughters eyes to. So if we consider that you are 15 year old girl not much advice could be given. I don't know what's in your head and I don't know what is your moms opinion on the mater. Best for you I think is to leave adults to sort things out between themselves and not worry to much about it.

Good Luck.”

Opinion by @mateus

2. If your wife refuses to have sex with you more than once a month, is it ok to cheat on her?

Asked by Anonymous in Sexual Behavior

“Cheating is never okay.

I'd suggest that the couple attend some type of marriage counseling. See if the ship can be righted, and if not, then consider other options.”

Opinion by @DodgersGM

3. What causes someone to cheat?

Asked by Anonymous in Relationships

“Loads of reasons, I think if you've been in a relationship for a good number of years it's nice to get attention off someone else, feeling alone, boredom...”

Opinion by @thebritishgirl

4. Does she want to cheat on her boyfriend with me

Asked by Anonymous in Flirting

“She is already cheating on her boyfriend. Cheating is not only kissing or having sex, it is also about hanging out with a guy and lying about it”

Opinion by Anonymous

5. Why do men cheat and then apologize and beg to stay in your life?

Question by Anonymous in Guy's Behavior

“Cheating is not specific to men or women, it is the mentality of the people. There are few things that makes people to cheat on their partners.

1- They are not satisfied emotionally/sexually.
2- To find thrill in new
3- Feeling wanted

If somebody cheats on their partners, he/she is making a conscious decision and it is not a momentary indiscretion, unless after the act they come straight to you and admit their mistake.

I would never take my partner back, if she cheated as it will just ruin my and her future because I can't adjust with this fact. I guess people still beg to stay in a relationship because they realize that you are better _ the person who he/she has cheated with. It is just painful.”

Opinion by @spaceshuttle

6. Girls, do you stay faithful when you're in a long distance relationship?

Question by @Ryan1818 in Relationships

“I've been in a long distance relationship – never had the desire to cheat to be honest, and I wouldn't..I think if someone is considering cheating on their significant other.. at all, they should just end it.”

Opinion by @Angelyn

7. Is being turned on by other people cheating?

Asked by Anonymous in Relationships

“No, of course not. I don't stop finding women attractive just because I'm in a relationship. However, that doesn't mean they're a good match for me, and I certainly wouldn't pursue anything with them while I'm in a relationship.”

Opinion by Anonymous

8. Is have a threesome with your girlfriend considered cheating?

Asked by @Novemberboy in Break Up & Divorce

“If your girlfriend is there participating with you, it isn't cheating. Cheating is hiding that you are being intimate with someone else.”

Opinion by @Bubblebror12003

9. Boyfriend cheated and now we're going long distance. Can I trust him?

Asked by @Sensiblelady in Sexual Behavior

“It sounds like you didn't trust him anyway if you read his text messages. For him to have sex with someone after you broke up - was that so bad? The best thing is to talk to him about it. Ask him if he would feel the need to be with someone else. You can't beat honesty!”

Opinion by @Dave24

10. Would it be cheating if I sex chatted with another girl that I would never meet?

Asked by @ThickJohnson in Sexual Behavior

“Yes it is cheating. Its wrong. Its disrespectful to your girlfriend. And you should either leave your girlfriend or drop the one you're speaking to. Because either way, your girlfriend will find out and she will leave you in the long run.”

Opinion by @DessieDoo

11. If someone cheated on you your whole relationship would you get back with them?

Asked by Anonymous in Relationships

“Nah. If I did consider it, I would try to see if we can agree to terms on an open relationship. Assuming her reason for cheating was purely physical.”

Opinion by @SomeoneImportant

See what other GAG users had to say about cheating:

Top “Cheating” Questions Of The Week
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  • Metlahead
    Most people, including the ones on GaG, have idealistic views on relationships, loyalty, fidelity. They are naive. They are small-minded. I AGREE that cheating is very wrong, but it at the very least could be understandable in some situations.

    I will arrogantly add my own answers to this list:
    Cheating is a sign that monogamy is unnatural, or at least "might not be for you" and should perhaps be questioned, and examined honestly. I think there are many cases where cheating is 100% understandable and perhaps even "good," that being said, I would never blame the partner of someone who cheated for leaving, under any circumstances.

    I might get a lot of hate for this, but reading the other answers, everyone has a idealistic (an inevitably naive) opinion on this. These are touchy subjects that evoke a lot of emotions, not conducive for rational thinking. Trust someone who is emotionally void (me) and believe that there are circumstances under which it could be seen as "acceptable" (though again, I would always understand the person who is cheated on for being devastated and leaving. I am just saying taking a step back and looking at things from the outside, you can sympathize with the cheater sometimes too, with a stress on sometimes)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • DessieDoo
    Thank you for mentioning my opinion in this post! My opinion stands. Cheating is disrespectful and just plain wrong. No matter the situation!!
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  • TheDevilInside
    I find it sad how some people even need to ask whether this or that is considered cheating or not. People, if you need to ask, then it most certainly is! Listen to your heart and your conscience, not to your dicks or your hoo-has.
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  • godfatherfan
    A woman cheating is a lot worse then a man cheating.
    Both are disgusting and in-excusable. But a woman cheats with her heart and mind. A man cheats with his cock. A man can have sex with a woman and not be invested even a tiny bit. he doesn't have to care about her, doesn't have to even know her freaking name. It is just a physical act.
    but (typically, there are always exceptions to every rule) a woman needs to be emotionally invested to have sex. that makes it much worse.
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    • How is it any different whether or not the cheater is male or female? Either way it is a conscious decision- whether or not they are (as you put it) emotionally invested. Cheating is cheating- emotionally invested or not. Whether it's 'just physical' or not. It's all equally wrong and unacceptable. And also, some women can cheat and have 'just physical' sex and some men who cheat are always 'emotionally invested' so I'm not sure how you feel you can blame women more that men.

    • I said I agree both are inexcusable. I also said there are always exceptions to the rule. but in the big picture women have sex from the mind and heart where men have sex from the penis. I am one of those that has a very hard time having sex just to have sex. I tried to have a FB and couldn't. I wanted a relationship with her. but I am not the majority.

    • KidInk4

      A woman cheating is a lot worse than a man cheating simply because women are better at getting away with cheating then men are. They know how to do it, without getting caught

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  • Figleaf
    If my woman doesn't put out, that gives me carte blanche to cheat. If she is unfaithful, that gives me carte blanche to cheat. If she leaves me, I'm free to try any of the other three billion women on the planet. I'm thinking life is good.
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    • SilenRose

      The hypocrisy is strong in this one.

    • Figleaf

      What you are really saying is you can't stand the fact that women are interchangeable and expendable. In my 35 years they have become exactly that. It is not hypocrisy, but irony. Women have fought to gain freedom, and I give them exactly that... do as I say or get out of my house.

    • Metlahead

      You are an idiot

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  • hadley-annarose
    this goes to male and female why cheat on someone if u want to find another girl or guy its as simple as just telling your partner that its over and explain why and move on no point for cheating its pretty simple people.
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    • KidInk4

      People like to have their cake and eat it too. Women and men cheat. They want the satisfaction of the relationship with the sex with the person they're cheating with. Most likely they're not getting good sex with the person they're in the relationship with and don't know how to communicate that to them, so, they just don't, and wind up cheating

    • Metlahead

      Super naive

  • rthomas43
    I just want to say that I find it amusing that stock cheating photos even exist.
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  • YourFutureEx
    Lol great questions. Upper questions are serious but as we move down they become more unexpected. Good :)
  • ParkAvenuePrincess
    Like everything else in life cheating is not black and white. That's what I think.
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    • Agreed. I used to think it was, but things happened to me that made me change my mind on that.

    • A cheater should be dumped on the spot and never to return to the same person in a relationship. That's black and white to me.

  • SomeoneImportant
    Not really sure if my opinion fits the theme of anti-cheating. I kind of gave a reason of acceptance to it.
    • SilenRose

      Yeah, which was a open relationship. I honestly don't see the point of being in a relationship, and having it open but as long as the two people agree to it (and know what's going on) then it's their world.

  • Antizzl
    Fuck it. Good luck. Remember none of us get out this alive. You are on your own.
  • ThickJohnson
    Just wanted to say I never ended up doing it and I immediately felt horrible after the whole thing. I love my girlfriend!
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  • DodgersGM
    Alright, published on GaG!
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  • xastranger
    My question is up there. Nice, I guess.
  • Mdiller45
    Wow! My question made it one here! cool!
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  • medical2523
    I know its random but that blonde girl is hot
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    • I thought it funny how much older she is than the guy she was sleeping with. Is that his mother? (Puts a whole new spin on the picture, now, doesn't it?

  • spaceshuttle
    Thanks for mentioning my opinion.
  • VeryTerry3
    People love this topic
  • Anonymous
    Some people just are bad people... My ex cheated her reason she told me no reason just she was still attracted to her ex bc he has big muscles and money...
    • Good thing she is your ex, what a loser.

    • Anonymous

      She begged me back and I'm giving her another chance and it's not looking good lol oh well