Top 10 myTakes Of The Week

A lot of myTakes are posted on GAG every week, some are good and some are not. You are about to look at the best of the best mytakes from this past week. Here they are in no particular order. Enjoy!

1. Beauty Confidential: Society's Beauty Standards

By @loveisbeautifulTop 10 myTakes Of The Week

2. Bros Over Hoes: 7 Reasons To Never Drop Your Friends For Whoever You're Dating!

By @trainer

3. Feminism and FemiNAZI

By @notgoodwithnames

4. Entitlement And How It Lets Men Down

By @tenofthepeaks

5. Why The ALPHA Male Always Gets Laid

By Anonymous

6. Why I Chose Egalitarianism

By @xHoneyxBeex

7. Tips To Keeping Any Girls Interest In You

By @fabulouslyme

8. Is Feminism Dangerous, Dogmatic, and Antiquated? Maybe!

By @ComDom

9. Dating And Guys

By @Mayalynn

10. When Are Women Going To Start Taking More Responsibility For Dating?

By Anonymous

Maybe next week you'll see yours on here ;)

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I'd love to know how those are decided. I only read one of them (number 5) and that was someone trolling. The others seem better but I'd still want to know how they're picked.

    • yeaaah also the images are really explicit whats goin on

    • @LauraMarx I'll assume that they let one person pick the 'top mytakes' and he just picked his favourites. Maybe they were chosen based on how many people commented? There was also "that Take" that was promoted then quickly removed.
      Tbh I'm waiting for the day the lunatics take over the asylum on this site. The days when saying you're a feminist is met with a ban.

    • lmao wait which Take do you mean, that was quickly removed?

Most Helpful Girl

  • "some are good and some are not."
    Good way to knock people's confidence in writing. Either way, those bad ones are often promoted. *sigh*.


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  • did you pick these out of a hat? is this a joke?

  • Thank you I'll check the out

  • Do they get extra xper points for being in the top mytakes for the week? @gagtake

    • All myTakes that are featured on the home page get an extra 150 points, but they don't get any for being the "top myTakes" of the week.