My Top 10 Favorite MyTakes So Far

YAY! My 100th Take! I have one thing to say: Thanks!

I wouldn't be able to have made it to 100 if it weren't for all of the comments, whether they're positive or negative. My motivation comes and goes but it's always there, dormant or not.

Also just an FYI: I might not be as active for a little while, but I'll still try to write a few takes every week. Once everything's all good, I'll be more active again. :)

My Top 10 Favorite MyTakes.

I'm gonna write my top 10 favorite mytakes I've written.

(Also as a bonus, if you guys have any questions you wish to ask, just ask me! If it's about me or anything in the world, I'll do my best to answer as honestly+correctly as possible.)

#10- "Why I Don't Regret My Heartbreak."

Now this is a favorite simply because I find there to be so much negativity when it comes to love. Sure I was heartbroken but that doesn't mean I need to regret it. I believe this take summed up my feelings pretty well on the topic.

#9- "Dominant S/O Or Domestic Abuse?"

Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between the two. Well I wrote this mytake and although it didn't get many comments, I believe it explained correctly and really well.

#8- "Things I Love About Myself."

I don't have much self-esteem and this is one of the most positive takes I've written.

#7- "Women Of History- Womens History Month Of March."

I found this to be a very cool and interesting thing. It's always the "bad" women/men people focus on. Well this take shows many of the positives (besides Elizabeth Bathory, she's just interesting).

#6- "Being A Virgin/Inexperienced."

Everyone on here worries about being a virgin/inexperienced at whatever age or whatever gender/sexuality they are. I was trying to help people realize that it's OKAY!

#5- "A Teenagers First Love."

I've fallen in love. Well I'm almost 17, and that means I wasn't in love right? Well no. It's my first love, as everyone experiences which can occur at different ages for everyone. It was really personal to me, but I shared it to try and educate the narrow-minded that it's possible for teenagers to fall in love.

#4- "Why I Love To Write."

I love to write, and I started writing when I was 12 (so about 5 years). Some people find me to be weird or stupid for enjoying writing, if it's a school essay or a short story just for fun.

#3- "The Beautiful Things In Life."/ "Things I love in Life."

Again, there's so much negativity. I also tend to find many things in life to be beautiful, and these are 2 takes I find bring much positivity to the viewing of life.

#2- "Why I Love The Rain."

I love the rain. Some people hate it and this is a take I feel explain exactly why I do.

And finally, at #1....

"Life Through Rose-Tinted Glass."

I explained really well exactly what it's like to see life through rose tinted glass. Everyone thinks of it naive of me while I believe it helps make me to be a better person.

So guys, what's your favorite myTake I've written? I'm curious to know!


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  • My favourite was #5, about teenage love, it really helped me realise the situation I'm in with my girlfriend

    Thanks for using my idea :D I feel like I've been useful for once :P


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  • Congrats :) 💯

  • I agree, these are all very interesting Takes :D

  • I guess mine, "I'm 6'9 and I just about had it," was too depressing. 😪

  • i thought this was gonna be a list of other pplz takes that u liked


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