7+7 Types Of GAGers According To My Own Point Of View. Where Do You Belong?

7+7 Types Of GAGers According To My Own Point Of View. Where Do You Belong?

Sure such a myTake has been done before, but this time I will make one myself according to my own point of view. I will separate them in 2 teams.

Team A has to do with what they want and what they are looking for here in GAG.

Team B has to do with their behavior and their “posting” style.

Team A:

1) Question Asker:

Dne of the two basic categories here. After all this the main purpose of GAG. These people often have a small amount of Xper since they use GAG for asking questions (usually about Relationships/Break-Ups/Sexual Issues) mostly or only.

2) Advice Giver:

The other basic category here. This person is using GAG for answering questions mostly and giving advice to other people. These people have a hgher amount of Xper as well than category # 1, since opinions give you more points. They ask less often questions on their own. (My favorite type of GAGer from this team)

3) Socializer :

This person is using GAG in order to socialize mostly,in order to make more online friends. They don't give advice on Relationship/Break-Up, and generally questions belonging on GAG's main topics, and if they do it would be usually 1-2 sentences at most. They post on casual questions mostly (for example: "What's your favorite color?").

4) Debater :

This person is using GAG in order to discuss other topics than GAG's main topics, like about Politics or Religions.

5) Partner Seeker:

This one is using GAG in order to find a date or a sexual partner. But unfortunately they end up being annoying since they have a bad reputation of sending inappropriate messages to other members, and as a result they will not find what they are looking for.

6) Troll:

A person who is using this site for his/her own fun and in order to have a laugh (yet in an inappropriate way) or cause a mess. There is another MyTake here about trolls in GAG posted by Stacyzee where she's mentioning each type of troll here including a description for each category. You can check it out.

7) Reward Hunter:

Usually this person belonged to category # 1. After he/she noticed GAG can give you rewards you can "buy" with your Xper points, they changed their ways and started to post in other people's questions as well in order to reach a certain amount of Xper and buy the reward they want.

Team B:

1) Good Anonymous

A person who posts anonymously most of the time for his/her own reasons. Yet this person is using this feature in a good way, by giving advice on important questions or sharing his/her opinion on sexual topics or politics without wanting to reveal his/her ID. (My favorite type of GAGer from this team)

2) Bad Anonymous

A person who is using this feature in a bad way. Either posting short irrelevant/unhelpful advice on serious questions, or insulting other GAGers or asking inappropriate questions like "Girls do you want to see my.....?".

3) The Nice One

This person tends to avoid any fights with other GAGers,and generally any trouble. He/she will avoid questions he/she disagrees with. Usually he/she is posting long opinions and always being polite towards an Asker. Usually their MHO percentage is much higher than the average.

4) The Blunt One

Category's # 3 "flip side". He/she is usually posting short-length opinions to the point,sometimes in a rough manner and if he/she is disagreeing with an Asker, he/she wouldn't have any problem telling them they are wrong or even being mean towards them. Those type of GAGers often claim it's their way of being helpful, so that's why i consider them category's # 3 flip side.

5) The Arrogant One

The type of GAGer who thinks he/she knows everything. They tend to be blocked more often than anybody else. Typical examples of his/her posts are:

"I'm 40 and you are 18. You know sh*t about life."

"Shut up noop. I'm 5 years older in GAG than you."

"I have had way more sexual partners than you. You know sh*t about sex."


6) The Sarcastic One

Almost similar with category # 4,yet they are using their humor more often. For some reason those GAGers get many upvotes on their opinions,by either posting some funny meme on a serious question, or making a funny short comment. On the other hand,they often tend to be disliked by question's Asker. Makes sense, you cannot make fun with some other person's issue.

7) The "Policeman"/"Policewoman"

This one will rush to correct everyone and everything. Typical examples of his/her posts are:

"It's "Who is your favorite GAGer" not "What is your favorite GAGer""

"This question is posted under the wrong category"

"Fix your spelling"


In which category from Team A and in which one from Team B do you belong?

And which one from Team A/Team B do you like?

7+7 Types Of GAGers According To My Own Point Of View. Where Do You Belong?
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