Here's Some Positivity For You GAG Members!


So, there's so much negativity in peoples lives.

Whether it's bullying, abuse, no self-esteem or what-the-fuck-ever.

There are so many beautiful people in life, and I want to point them out.

Here's Some Positivity For You GAG Members!


-she's my adopted mother, and no matter what she looks like, she will forever be beautiful to me.


-she's my wifey and she's gorgeous


-dude, look at her, she's beautiful and so nice


-she's given me some of the greatest advice I could use


-beautiful and sweet, intelligent and caring

she's also the only other "virgin nympho" I know hehe

(also damn, dat ass tho)


-one of the first friends I've made on here <3


-she's awesome and seems to be a great person





@SlightlyCrazy <3







@IAMDEATHWISH (people, he is super cute and sweet, befriend him!) <3



Guys, girls, I love you all. <3 I want everyone to know, they're beautiful to me. And you, whoever is reading this, you're beautiful too, (even if you're a dick)!

I didn't get to mention everyone (max is 20) but there are many more.

GAG, I might not be here for much longer, as I am thinking about leaving. But if I do, I will make sure I don't leave without notifying certain friends.

Figured I'd give a heads up.

I love you guys, truly. <3

Here's Some Positivity For You GAG Members!

Here's Some Positivity For You GAG Members!
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  • This_is_my_username

    Thank you for the mention @SweetHomicidalQueen It is my only regret that i didn't get to know you better or longer! you're such a amazing girl with a good head on your shoulders. You're gorgeous and write amazing mytakes. So strong and mature. And you're so sweet and so positive all the time. GAG and the GAG community would truly lose a great member if you left. Already so many other have left too!! but i understand where your coming from if you do. I hope you come back though one day. To shed some light and humor and many other things on this site. You're a special one my dear, I know you'll go far in life. And i hope that i make it on the list of those friends you notify if and when you do leave!!! Otherwise i would be really devastated.

    Restez heureux et être forte. Vous admiriez entre autres. Moi-même inclus. Je vous souhaite rien mais le meilleur mon cher.
    "Stay happy and be strong. You're admired among others. Myself included. I wish you nothing but the best my dear."

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