G@G Trolls I'd like to thank...

A typical example of what this Take is all about...
A typical example of what this Take is all about...

I recently won Moderator of the Month, and a $25 Amazon voucher, for the fourth time. I've had quite a few questions about how to become a Moderator, or how to progress up the Moderator ranks. The answers to these can be found here, but as usual, there is more to it than this. Some of it is skill, some is luck, and some is with a little help from our 'friends'...

Therefore, without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to some of my favourite G@G creeps, whose posts, which I've removed, helped to propel me up the ranks to the heady heights of Uber Mod...

Toilet Boy

You'd probably wondering who this is, but he doesn't call himself 'Toilet Boy'. He's the 18-24 user, from India, who will ask questions, to Girls Only, such as 'Do anyone of you wished to have a sibling?' or 'What is the position of girls when they pee?'

Then, quite regardless of whether or not this is in any way related to his question, will ask respondents "If I were your 3 year old child would you take me to the ladies (sic) washroom with you?"

I've removed literally hundreds of his questions.

Distinguishing features:- Obsession with children and women's lavatories, coupled with poor English, making liberal use of phrases common in Indian English (na? aunties etc).

Male Body Hair Guy (Guyuser2)

A very typical picture from this Troll
A very typical picture from this Troll

This guy posts incessantly, on both male and female accounts he has, trying to prompt men into saying they shave their body hair, and girls to say they prefer men this way. He comes across as a pathetic sap type, but there's a more sinister side to him. In 2018, MBHG made a nasty rape threat in Hindi to a friend of mine on here. If he's done that once, he's probably got away with it many more times.

Distinguishing features:- Will babble on about how disgusting hair is, how wonderful smooth skin is etc. Once again, piss poor English.

Thongs, Leggings and Smoking Kid

Quite a long term, repetitive pest, this one.

This guy is a creep. He uses the profile of a 13 year old girl, who he often calls Jess, and proceeds to ask questions about any or all of the three things above. He'll frequently contradict himself, and seems to target other younger girls, for private messages.




Distinguishing features:- Seems to use Mockney / Estuary English terms, such as "was you ...?" and substituting the letter 'f' for the 'th' sound.

Have you encountered any of these repeat offenders? Do you report them? Which are your favourite trolls?

G@G Trolls I'd like to thank...
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