G@G Trolls I'd like to thank...

JimRSmith u
A typical example of what this Take is all about...
A typical example of what this Take is all about...

I recently won Moderator of the Month, and a $25 Amazon voucher, for the fourth time. I've had quite a few questions about how to become a Moderator, or how to progress up the Moderator ranks. The answers to these can be found here, but as usual, there is more to it than this. Some of it is skill, some is luck, and some is with a little help from our 'friends'...

Therefore, without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to some of my favourite G@G creeps, whose posts, which I've removed, helped to propel me up the ranks to the heady heights of Uber Mod...

Toilet Boy

You'd probably wondering who this is, but he doesn't call himself 'Toilet Boy'. He's the 18-24 user, from India, who will ask questions, to Girls Only, such as 'Do anyone of you wished to have a sibling?' or 'What is the position of girls when they pee?'

Then, quite regardless of whether or not this is in any way related to his question, will ask respondents "If I were your 3 year old child would you take me to the ladies (sic) washroom with you?"

I've removed literally hundreds of his questions.

Distinguishing features:- Obsession with children and women's lavatories, coupled with poor English, making liberal use of phrases common in Indian English (na? aunties etc).

Male Body Hair Guy (Guyuser2)

A very typical picture from this Troll
A very typical picture from this Troll

This guy posts incessantly, on both male and female accounts he has, trying to prompt men into saying they shave their body hair, and girls to say they prefer men this way. He comes across as a pathetic sap type, but there's a more sinister side to him. In 2018, MBHG made a nasty rape threat in Hindi to a friend of mine on here. If he's done that once, he's probably got away with it many more times.

Distinguishing features:- Will babble on about how disgusting hair is, how wonderful smooth skin is etc. Once again, piss poor English.

Thongs, Leggings and Smoking Kid

Quite a long term, repetitive pest, this one.

This guy is a creep. He uses the profile of a 13 year old girl, who he often calls Jess, and proceeds to ask questions about any or all of the three things above. He'll frequently contradict himself, and seems to target other younger girls, for private messages.




Distinguishing features:- Seems to use Mockney / Estuary English terms, such as "was you ...?" and substituting the letter 'f' for the 'th' sound.

Have you encountered any of these repeat offenders? Do you report them? Which are your favourite trolls?

G@G Trolls I'd like to thank...
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Most Helpful Guy

  • dantetheexplorer
    You need to have a Part 2 to this.
    These people are very interesting. I'm always wondering what their backstory is, how they became this way. Perhaps it was a traumatic incident in their childhood. Maybe it was something someone said to them one day that made all the gears in their mind start to whir the wrong way round. Perhaps, one day, the Universe sent them a sign, or whispered words in their minds. Like, "You're going to be Toilet Boy. Do me proud, son. Do me proud."
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    • desidoll

      There is another Indian man with pink account who keeps obsessing over dark skinned vs light skinned. He is also the same person who posts question about why white women prefer black men. I suppose he wants to hear people putting down white men so he can feel better about his skin tone since on his pink account, he obsessively says "I love dark men and white skinned men turn me off"
      He has a very serious issue. I believe in real life he probably discriminated for being dark and he lashes out to everyone to project his insecurity. Have you noticed these past two days no questions from him/her? It was because I caught him red handed and he got panic or maybe he was banned. I am sure he will come back soon. Or maybe he already has a new account now.

    • @desidoll I can understand WHY he would ask questions like that, but I don't think it's normal behavior to do the whole passing off as a pink account rigmarole. He can just air our his frustrations without projecting it on other people via a fake account. It would be immensely healthier that way. There are many people with... issues... on GaG. They're not hard to spot.

      I'm sure this person already has a new account and is just biding his time until he can launch his light/dark-skinned questions again. What I find interesting is that this people never get bored of asking the same question over and over again. It might behoove people to give them the opposite answers of what they want - perhaps if they don't get validation for their side of the argument, they might eventually leave GaG.

    • * air out his frustrations...

Most Helpful Girls

  • ShoeGirl24
    One of the first people to message me when I joined here was body hair guy. He seemed nice and I chatted to him until he started being so insecure about his body hair. So in the end I stopped trying to be nice!! I noticed similar questions from different accounts and now just scroll right past!

    Toilet guy just makes me laugh when I see his questions, I can spot him a mile off now!
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  • PrettyKitty31
    One of the best takes on here. Great idea to thank your trolls. 😂👍🏻😉
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  • Justacatlady
    The toilet boy I see and report all the time lol.
    Another I see often is the guy who always posts the how do I look. He posts repeat questions looking for validation, then will disappear for a while, then bam he’s back again.
    • JimRSmith

      We need to discuss him. I'll probably include him in the next part of the series...

  • Goodwifie
    Toilet guy is annoying.
    Hairy chest man, well I've already got one of my own not me my husband.
    I do have one troll to thank for helping me become a super MOD.
    I don't think that I spend enough time on here to achieve a higher level of MOD.
  • ciitruskiwi
    Haven't seen male body hair guy in a while and I don't think I've ever seen thongs, leggings and smoking kid but I too would like to thank toilet boy 😂

    Great take by the way 👍
  • AmourHoney
    Toilet guy pisses me off so much
  • OldSchool_Metalhead
    Love this take 😂 I've dealt with washroom boy and the body hair obsessor. They seem to appear everywhere. I remember the second guy being around even when i had my other account back in 2017 he would not stop inviting me to his questions
    • JimRSmith

      I've got to say, in the G@G Pantheon of Tossers, those two appear right up there with Sandplanet. And that's no mean achievement...

  • Good take. The most common ones I see, is the guy who keeps going on and on about incest, Christian fundamentalism and pedophilia, and the one constantly asking if all women are bisexual.

    But of those you listed, the one I find most funny is the toilet boy. But the last one you mentioned has me concerned for those girls he is targeting. Hopefully his accounts get taken down quickly.
    • JimRSmith

      I've not seen him, in quite some time, myself. I do sometimes wonder what's happened to these individuals, did they get a life, did they get their collars felt, but most probably, they just found happier hunting grounds than this place...

    • Agape93

      What does having their collars felt mean?
      Hopefully they got picked up by authorities for one reason or another, especially those with more lascivious motives.

    • JimRSmith

      Getting picked up by the authorities, is precisely what it means. We live in hope...

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  • Waffles731
    I haven't trolled in a while actually, well except for a certain idiot emperor who was ragging on the Country I love, I knew it would piss him off.
    G@G Trolls I'd like to thank...
    • Waffles731

      Yeah I knew he would hate that Image and the best part is there is at least some truth to the meme

    • JimRSmith

      Well, true for some countries and not for others, but it will trigger people...

    • Waffles731

      The entirety of Western Europe minus the U. K and the Republic of Ireland owes their very existence and the fact that they aren't german or russian to my country, the rest of Europe owes the fact that they aren't under the soviet union to us.
      As much as the French like to talk about their resistence it was Americans, British, and Canadians that did the lions share of the fighting and dying

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  • Kkaos
    Ahaha, good job.. This is hilarious. I hope to see more of these. The number of times I've innocently clicked on a question only to realize it's the body hair guy back again.
    • JimRSmith

      If this one gets enough upvotes, I'll make it into the first of a series...

  • mrbobz
    Good work Jim! With the exchange rate your loaded now... My personal fave is the guy who likes to massage men's bums
    • JimRSmith

      😂😂😂 Who on earth is THAT?

    • mrbobz

      It's a girl who is obsessed with anal. I deleted the messages. Most likely a guy, the were messaging guys (I heard from other guys on here they had the same) about massages and very quickly they started asking about if you liked your bum massaged and wouldn't shut up about it... I seen a few posts since that made me think they still about... Keep an eye out for a pink obsessed with anal

    • JimRSmith

      Good tip, I will do. This is actually vaguely ringing a bell?

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  • monkeynutts
    I don't come across these people, probably because I'm not a pre pubescent little girl, and i'de tell them to go make love to a steaming pile of cow manure if they pissed me off.
    • JimRSmith

      Yep, you're not target market, as far as any of that lot are concerned!

    • If I find them I will fuck their days up for you Jim. I'll teach them not to mess with the madman Monkey.

  • Redstang88
    I’ve seen bathroom boy around a few times, didn’t know he was that prolific. The other two I’ve seen way too much of.

    That flat earth psychopath that’s been banned I don’t know how many dozens of times is one I’m really sick of seeing. He’s still here, I don’t know how all the admins are still ignoring him. He made countless violent and disgusting threats on his earlier accounts, and has calmed down a little now but still shouldn’t be here
  • wittymilf
    Toilet boy has been prolific lately 🙄 he alone is a full time job.
  • foodtv
    I've had many encounters with the male body hair guy when I first started on here.
    A few weeks ago I had the toilet boy respond to one of my opinions pretty randomly.
    Never dealt with the last one that I'm aware of.
  • angry_llama
    Istg that toilet boy was annoying the fuck outta me😐
    • He wld come onto my questions and harass people there😒

    • JimRSmith

      Yeah, that's a very recent change in behaviour from him...

    • mrbobz

      Lammy you didn't make Jim's list!

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  • CasaNorba
    kickass article bro!

    is too bad I have not ran into any of these creeps yet because they sound like pretty "entertaining" folks though I think we can add a few more to the list that been pretty quiet lately
  • ThisDudeHere
    I think I may have come across them once. With these types, it's usually only fun to respond once, see if you can annoy/counter-troll them easily and if not, then move on and never respond again.
  • G@G Trolls I'd like to thank...
  • SirRexington
    Why do people like this exist? It's because of idiots like this that YouTube is having a second adpocolypse. Peoples lives are being ruined because of these people.
  • AdelinaAmbrosia
    Omg I saw the question about the 3 year old brother and found it quite creepy tbh. Like tf. Thanks for removing him and whatever:)
  • MittenstheGlove
    I must be an idiot or really good at filtering through sh*tposts as I don’t see any of these guys. Keep up the good work.
  • ChiPaPa
    I'm surprised their accounts haven't been shut down.
    • JimRSmith

      They all have, on multiple occasions. They keep on coming back, though.

    • ChiPaPa

      Ah, pesky buggers.

  • ericclayton
    I hide posts from "Toilet Boy" on a daily basis. Also "hairy guy" is easy to spot because of his obsession with women liking other women because they're hairless. I freeze his accounts on the spot.
  • Genie23
    OMG 😂😂😂

    Thank you for sharing, lol. I just got invited and spammed by The Toilet dude even after I told him to leave me alone and stop inviting.

    The hairy guy doesn't only make multiple guy accounts questions about excessive body hair and invites me to his questions but he also makes fake girls accounts all the time and when I tell him, "Stop making fake girls account. I know who you are and please stop inviting me to your questions. It's getting annoying." He removes my comments, lol.

    I've never really seen the thongs, leggings and and smoking guy's post and I don't want to see them, like ever.. 🙄

    I wonder will they ever stop making accounts and posting weird stuff? Anyway, You're doing a great job. Congratulations! :)
    • Genie23

      Oh and I've reported only the hairy guy , lol

  • itsmatty
    am i the only one that finds this creepy as hell? for the life of me, can't figure out what would motivate someone to do these things. i assume they have some type of bizarre fetish in addition to anti-social personality disorder. people laugh, but anyone that's witnessed mental illness in person knows it's far from funny.
  • wankiam
    its fun winding them up sometimes until they tie themselves in knots ;)
  • JaneandJune
    This is an entertaining read but also thanks for the heads up as a newbie.
  • Chikky
    Nice one, keep keeping our gag save😍😍for youngsters
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Congratulations to you for yet another Moderator of the Month @JimRSmith! Well deserved indeed!
  • VaIiant
    Fantastic Mytake, really. Great read as always Jim😂
  • thechesseman
    Way to fight the chesters. I applaud you for your efforts and your dedication to safety on the website.
  • ChloeStarfire
    I’ve reported so many of the questions having to do with ladies washrooms and 3 year olds
  • Whatthefluff
    Awesome. There are many other memorable trolls I can recall. Please make pt. 2!
  • SketchForger
    Aw man, I was definitely going to do one on thong leggings and smoking kid
  • BronzedAdonis
    I will have to troll harder if i am to make this list
  • Ellie-V
    I had to block the body hair guy.
    • JimRSmith

      Sadly, he turns up again, like a bad penny...

  • humanearth
    I don't think I know any. If I did. I would just mind my own business. Not my place to a rat.
  • Iron_Man
    You forgot WowGirl she's back again causing problems
  • virginme
    CheersG@G Trolls I'd like to thank...
  • killer4212
    Hmmm i wasn't mentioned here. Guess you aren't that good a moderator 😏
    • JimRSmith

      You're lower down the food chain.

  • ZeussLightningBolt
    You forgot @Secretgardensblood
  • Wise_man
  • Nuremberg45
    Please keep the pedos off here
  • GayHowellMeme
    The GAG troll I’d like to thank is myself
  • AlexEfron
    :/ wonder why most trolls are Indians 🤔
  • CT_CD
    Interesting myTake
  • psychosam
    I love trolls
  • Aswanggirl
    I like this take. Love you :* 😂😂😂
  • anametouse
    Damn. I'm sad he didn't include me.