More Trolls! Spidey's Response! :)


So... On my G@G travels people can't seem to stop trolling me, and apparently I'm the one who's the bully. I found another trolling opinion about me, so enough said and let's dive into this!

These people...
These people...

I'm not hurt by this by the way, it made me laugh, in a bad way. On a MyTake where I got accused of bullying and trashing someone- that's literally what this opinion about me is. Bullying and trashing behind my back.

"My friend Z sent me a link and this girl called Spidermanfan is MENTALLY ILL."

Hmm... Okay, yeah. All you people all over 18, talking about a 16-year-old behind her back and somehow I'm the mentally ill one. Okay.

"I had a massive fight with her and I eventually had to block her because she lost the plot."

Oh yeah I remember that fight you started with me, it was the one where you wished rape upon me but okay, sure, I'm the one who lost the plot.

"She trolls people who don't agree with her. I used to be friends with her at one point and even called her my little sister."

I don't troll anyone who disagrees with me. I usually analyse their responses and give them facts. For example, I recently posted a MyTake about why I think MJ is the best spidey love interest, quite a few people disagreed with me on that- I didn't troll them.

"And then she began trolling me and hating me just because I agree with her"

Hold on, hold on... You literally just admitted to starting a fight with me and posted this:

More Trolls! Spideys Response! :)

Yet I began trolling you- because I disagreed with you? My Spidey senses detect BULLSHIP!

"I feel like I must tell the full story right from the start so everybody understands what's the fuss is. And after hearing the full story, people can decide whose side they want to take and I will respect their opinion."

Oh my god, I feel like I wanna laugh now. On that post where you posted that opinion I showed above, it was a series of 3 posts where I explained the grooming gang crisis in the UK from all angles not singling out one ethnic group!

While many studies show Asians are disproportionally represented in grooming gang crimes, all studies stress that their studies don't have enough data to show whether this is a true reflection of what is happening in England. A study collected data based on the reports of victims. It showed that 36% of people involved in child sexual exploitation gangs (grooming gangs) were white, 27% were Asian, 16% were black, and 16% were unknown. This was one of the facts I was trying to stress in that post which you posted that opinion on. I was also stating that boys are also victims of these gangs as well as girls of colour and white girls.

You didn't like it when I mentioned this, so you posted that opinion. Unless you think wishing rape upon someone is respectful, then you are a liar.

"Basically, this girl with the profile name "X" wrote an article about "Pakistani grooming gangs in Britain" and then this girl with the profile name "spidermanfan" got offended just she is a Pakistani."

No. I got offended because the person who wrote that post was singling out one ethnic group doing this crime, leading people to believe that they were the only people committing these crimes, when that isn't true, and leading, and playing down other sexual crimes, and the fact that POC girls were victims. Had she singled out any ethnic group I would have been offended because it's racist.

"And then she began trolling the other girl by posting articles against her. She used the same picture from her article"

No, I didn't. If you're talking about the whole #NoMore to hatred article, I posted that article first in which she copied- she used the same image as me. So if anyone began this "copying MyTakes" thing, it was her.

"and even used extremely bitter language. She even began putting words in her mouth by saying things the girl "generalises her community."

I may have used a few profanities, but what shocks me, is you're disgusted at a few profanities I use but think it's completely okay to wish rape upon a virgin? And yes the girl who copied my MyTake format, does generalise the Pakistani community you just can't see it! You even do it yourself! By saying "Pakistanis rape white girls" it implies that all Pakistanis do this, when we don't.

"This is a false accusation, this is an assumption because the article about "Pakistani grooming gangs" was written within the community guidelines, I read the article twice, and despite being a Pakistani, I found nothing racist in the article."

More Trolls! Spideys Response! :)

Of course you wouldn't find it racist! You're racist against Pakistanis! Your own race!

"And then I posted a comment under the article of this "spidermanfan" by telling her that even though I am a Pakistani, I think there is nothing wrong with discussing "Pakistani grooming gangs." As a British Pakistani, I also discuss this sensitive issue of "Pakistani grooming gangs."

I know there is nothing wrong with discussing predominately Pakistani grooming gangs, because in the article series, you posted on- I discussed predominately Pakistani grooming gangs! The series is called: 'Breaking It Down: Facts > Bias' and has three parts to it, read it for yourself.

"And then this "spidermanfan" got extremely offended because she was expecting me to support her as a Pakistani"

No, I got pissed off because you supported bias, you admitted to supporting biased people, you twisted my words, you accused me of using the race card when I did no such thing- then you replied wishing rape upon me and stereotyping my family.

"she was really pissed that despite being a Pakistani, I chose not to be bias and supported an English girl and she just couldn't deal with the fact that despite being a Pakistani, I don't mind discussing Pakistani grooming gangs."

You did choose bias. Because on the articles which I wrote, I discussed the predominately Pakistani grooming gangs, I gave examples of grooming gangs which were also predominately of other races too, and discussed them. I discussed white, and girls of colour who were victims, and I discussed stereotyping the Pakistani community. I don't mind discussing predominately Pakistani grooming gangs either, as long as racism against any race and stereotyping doesn't come into play.

"Eventually, when I felt like I was getting nowhere, and considering the fact, she is still below the age of 18, still an immature teenage girl, I just blocked her."

Yeah, after you wished rape upon me and stereotyped my family- people you don't even know. I would never wish rape upon anyone or stereotype anyone, you just did and admitted to being racist, yet I'm the immature one? The only truth you told in that sentence is you blocked me, and I'm a teenage girl.

"And then she began posting questions against me too and I know this because someone sent me a link."

It was a question stating you wished rape upon me. It's funny how you seem to be missing that part out.

"She still went on and on about me even when I blocked her and she goes on and on about people even if they don't talk to her."

When did I go on and on about you? And if people are going to say things about me, I'll respond- don't give if you can't take. If you never said anything to me- or about me, I wouldn't be doing this. Defending myself yet again.

"Finally, this "spidermanfan" is still quite immature. She is under 18. There is a reason that people under the age of 18 can't vote for general elections."

Says the person who, wished rape upon me, admits me to being racist, stereotypes people based on their race. I'm under 18? So? And actually, they're discussing a bill to lower the voting age to 16...

"She doesn't know shit. She is mentally ill."

Says the over 18-year-old, who can't seem to stop talking about me behind my back...

"She should focus on her GCSEs instead of fighting with people, who pay their own bills and tax."

Firstly, I've done my GCSE passed them all, and am now doing three A-Level courses at college. Secondly, remember I am under 18, so I don't need to pay my own 'bills' and 'taxes' yet.

"she should refrain from using F word in every phrase and she should have some respect for her elders instead of treating them like her pets."

And you should apologise to me for wishing rape upon me? See, I respect elders that don't hope I get raped, and don't stereotype my family, and who aren't racist.

"She is becoming extremely aggressive to a point I don't recognise her anymore."

If somebody is always on the defensive, constantly defending a community which they are apart of, and dealing with racist comments at the same time- they may get sick of being peaceful and may snap just for a while. It's human nature.

And it's so rich you saying that, because you wished rape upon me, admitted you were a racist, stereotyped my family.

"Even though I am her fellow Pakistani, she still hates me because I didn't agree with her."

Firstly, I don't hate you. I hate the fact you wished rape upon me. I hate the fact you are racist. I hate the fact you stereotyped my family. I hate the fact you told a good friend of mine on this website, that he believed in honour killings because he is Syrian.

"Nowhere does she show Pakistani and Muslim values."

And you do? Wishing rape upon people - a type of zina (forbidden sexual act in Islam) - isn't Islamic or Pakistani. And how is being racist against Pakistanis a Pakistani value? How is being racist a Muslim value? Our Muslim brothers and sisters come in all colours, I know and know of South Asian Muslims, East Asian Muslims, White Muslims, Black Muslims- so how in Islam can we be racist, like you admitted you are?

"She is doing her community no favour by trolling anyone who disagrees with her including myself even though I am her kind."

I don't troll anyone. I call people out, like I'm calling you out right now.

We might both be brown, and we might be of the same heritage- but I do not consider you to be my "kind". Because you admitted to being racist. Racist people are not my kind. Humanity is my kind.

"Finally, I think this "spidermanfan" should leave people alone"

Are you leaving me alone?

"People can post whatever they want to"

Yes they can. So if someone posts something racist, or something against me personally- why can I not post something calling it out?

"If she doesn't like an article, she doesn't have to read it but she can't control someone."

If I don't like an article why can't I post about why I don't like it? You literally just said 'people can post whatever they want to.'

"This is a free platform where people can post whatever they want to."

But you condemn me for posting posts calling out racism, discussing grooming gangs and providing facts?

"She can't go around trolling people whenever she doesn't agree with them."

I don't. If they're racist I'll challenge it. If it's too much of a hateful opinion, I'll remove it. Many people disagreed with me about MJ being the best Spider-Man love interest, many disagree with me about who is the best Spider-Man- I don't troll them. Even my friends in day-to-day life disagree with me on certain topics. My atheist friends would disagree with me on my belief in God but I don't troll them.

But if someone is racist, and I see that- I'll call it out.

"She should leave that girl with profile name "X" alone"

I made a MyTake stating we should be civil. I apologise to her, for any upset I have caused her, and I have shown in that MyTake where I feel she was racist to me. If she doesn't apologise to me, then that's up to her. I've made my peace.

"She has the freedom to post articles on "Pakistani grooming gangs" and if any Pakistani gets offended then they don't have to read her articles."

And I have the freedom to post articles stating other sides to those stories as well as the side she mentions. If you got offended by my series of articles you didn't have to wish rape upon me, and stereotype my family.

"There are Pakistanis who trolled me for agreeing with the articles even though I am a Pakistani myself."

You asked a Pakistani man on here, "how many white girls have you raped?" just because he was Pakistani, so if anyone was 'trolling' it was you.


Woah these trolls can't seem to leave me alone and when I respond they don't like it.

Another day, another troll, another comment debunked. Nothing else really to say other than...

Thank you for reading. :)

More Trolls! Spidey's Response! :)
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