Get To Know Me! Apple1996🍎🍎


Seen this on @Jjpayne recent mytake and decided I should do it!

Name : Mariah 😊
Nickname : Apple🍎🍎🍎🍎
Gender : Female!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
How long have you been on Girlsaskguys: since September 2018
What are your favourite categories: I love the Other topic! Lots of interesting questions happening there
Birthday : September 9th
Star sign : VirgoπŸ˜‡
Current time : 10:45am
Last thing i googled : Well obviously Girlsaskguys cuz that's how I got here. πŸ˜†
Average sleep : maybe like 4-6 hours
Lucky number : 9
Currently wearing : leggings and a shirt
Dream job : to be a mom🀱🀱 which I have already achieved because I'm a mom of 2 beautiful boys
Dream trip : Hawaii! I acutally would love to live there not just visit
Favorite food : Anything pasta and I love it 🍝🍝🍝🍝
Favourite drinks : Coffeeβ˜•β˜•
Instruments : Nah not into playing instruments
Favorite song : Well fuck that is a hard decision cuz my fav song is always changing
Last song you listened to: 5 little ducks🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀
Last film you watched : Currenly watching Ralph breaks the internet
Last book you read: Goodnight moon

Like really my kids just run my life, you can see this by these last 3 questions 🀣
What food are you craving right now? Not craving anything since I'm sick 🀧

Tagging: I tag all 1000 of my followers 😝😝

✲゚q.(βœΏβ•Ήβ—‘β•Ή) οΎ‰β˜†.q₀: * ゚✲゚* :₀q

here's the original question! Shout out to @ultimega #TagGame

If I start a "Get To Know Me" Tag, would any of you guys participate?

Get To Know Me! Apple1996🍎🍎
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  • alance99
    Its nice to know you @Apple1996 and you are really a nice mother and wife, you family is blessed to have you in their lives.
    Stay happy always 🙂🙂
    Is this still revelant?
    • alance99

      Thanks for MHO

    • Apple1996

      Yess no problem. I like this answer, it's very sweet

  • 5 little ducks? buzz
    Is this still revelant?
    • Apple1996

      We also be listening to the colors song and the days of the week πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    • chriscdi

      well you have an excuse cause you got kids

    • Apple1996

      Well in my opinion these are quality songs

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  • matchrestore
    Last book I read was also Goodnight Moon. My son loves when the quite old lady wipes "hush." He does like music other than kids music though, thankfully. We listened to the original Broadway cast recording of "Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812" last night and he loved dancing to it.
    • Apple1996

      That old lady is the creepiest part lol

    • My son always repeats "hush" over and over after that page. He also meows at the kittens.

  • apple24
    Hi, apple people often confuse you with me! I swear it’s annoying Because I have to explain over n over that I am not you. People tag me thinking I am a mother or on weird sexual question. Tbh, I am neither of those things. I want 😭 everyone to 🛑
    • Apple1996

      Omg yess I know I have had a few people think that I'm you. It's super annoying like just cause we both have a apple name doesn't mean we are the same person

  • HaveNoName
    Happy to meet you Mariah in your fully disclosed identity. :) You have definitely been one of my favorite people here and it delights me to know we are the same stars hahaha. Not sure of that's a good thing or not :) haha.
    • Apple1996

      Virgos are the best

    • Well.. my family makes fun of me. Whenever there is a habit that they find eyeroll-worthy, they blame it on my being Virgo πŸ˜’

  • Mariah is a really pretty name.

    I'm a pasta-lover too! Just last night, I was at Olive Garden.
    • Apple1996

      Thanks😊 and omg yesss love olive garden

  • 😮Mariah, I don't know why your name surprised me. Lovely to know more about you 😊 you come across as a loving mother ❀️
    • Apple1996

      Thank you lol I'm sure a lot of people on this site dont know my name

    • Ronald_25

      I remember the picture of you, I would have guessed Rose or Hannah, I don't know why 🀷🏽😊

  • BaiYaoyao
    If your nickname is a fruit you're probably just a stripper
    • Apple1996

      Lol it's my last name but fuck it sure I'll be a stripper

    • BaiYaoyao

      Oooh I like a girl with confidence, just won me over lol

    • Apple1996


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  • Waffles731
    "Dream trip : Hawaii! I acutally would love to live there not just visit" t
    This is something that will make Hawaiin's hate you.

    They have a serious hatred of white people who go in their and buy property because of how poor the islands are.

    A lot of Hawaiians live in poverty and they see white people buy property.

    There is a serious hatred for outsiders.

    Basically they want your tourist money but they also wish you would stay the hell away.

    This is something my mom first told me about.

    She took her first vacation ever to Hawaii after Basic Training
    • Apple1996

      I will be living on the army base there so not gonna be buying property

    • Ah, then they won't hate you

    • Also my mon says Puerto Rico was way more fun.

      And Caribbean Food is WAY better

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  • Aiko_E_Lara
    Seems kinda fun but thinking should I do it too? But lol I'm not really close to anyone here (except for those 2 girls who left)
    • Apple1996

      If you want to you can. I just wanted to leave it open for anyone to do

  • scooogy
    Good to read this, since I always thought you had a boy and a girl 🤔
    • Apple1996

      Nope 2 boys

    • scooogy

      and how did that lovely username come up? πŸ₯°

    • Apple1996

      It's my last name and birth year

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  • Raahul1997
    hey you are only 23 years old and you are mother of 2 boys already
    • Apple1996

      Yepp my kids are 5 and almost 3

    • you are to young for a mother. by the way where are you from

    • Apple1996

      Definitely not too young. And the US

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  • BitterSweetApplePie
    We were both born on Sep 9th and my nickname is always apple, because of my cheeks. HELLOOO!! 😁😁
  • Plitty-Tank
    Wow! You mean boys can be beautiful and not just girls?

    Yes!!! You are the apple of my eye.
  • LiamSawyer
    I'd love to get to know you better and taste your wares.
  • Likes2drive
    I don’t have that much to list but it’s nice to know you and you’re always cool about things and never mean 👍
  • Juxtapose
    It's interesting that people are still using astrology. I would try and dig deeper into someone's psyche to really get a general picture of them.
  • opnbuk59
    Yes but I guess this is the 21st century way of describing you you life but do my Nick name have to be Apple if so I'll be Macintosh long as Apple don't come after me for copy rights infringement, speaking of Apple, they should change their name to the eye phone company I mean that's all they crank out now is I phones, what happened to the Ipod? Got us to ditch or cd, s cassettes even out large retail chains out of business, is there no new Ipod in production on the drawing board in someone's thoughts there feel kind of cheated cars don't come with cd players anymore, come to think of it nor a spare tire, got a flat went to change the tire all I found was a air pump got angry then laughed a damn air pump and a screw driver in middle of nowhere of topic I know but aren't we taking about our life, a damn pump blew me away0 don't want to think what they will take away next replace the seats with crates, would save gas won't be driving as much,
    It sounds like you're living the dream... Hope it stays good
  • pizzalovershouse
    can't say havnt really hax a chance to know more like thoughts on every thing you like
  • brigfrey25
    Hey there 😁
  • Nik1hil
    Really you tagged me.. 🙄🙄
  • Trooper205
    Hi, Apple! I love your name!
  • simplelikeme
    I would play along, I'm pretty sure I'm to old lol
  • jimmy2
    You are a, sweetheart
    4-6 hours of sleep is what I am getting too
  • saggittarius039112
    Oooooh interesting idea indeed. Sounds fun
  • Yep12345678
    Hi Mariah ! 🙂
    • Apple1996

      Ahh damn shouldn't have put my name. That was a secret to a lot of yallπŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    • Oh girl stop it. My name is Steven

  • NickiB1
    5 little ducks😂😂😂 such a mom answer
  • Meister__
    Yay! You're apple way to go!!!
  • CT_CD
    Thank you for letting us get to know you
  • iFarted
    Get well soon Apple
  • constant_freeflow
    Lovely 😊 hope we get more of these 😁
  • NightOwl8801
    That's pretty neat
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • johnieohm
  • Smf1989
    Very nice
  • EstevanMadrid898
    My birthday is a day before yours lol
  • Alex_988_2
    How old are you
  • Anonymous
    Damn you are only a year older than me and you already have kids?
    • Apple1996

      Yess I do

    • Anonymous

      I need to step up my game

    • ThiccAsf

      Lol, most aren't having kids until like late 20s to early 30s these days, Anon. I think you're fine

  • Anonymous
    Goddess is here
    • Apple1996

      Yess goddess apple🍎

    • Anonymous

      I know you
      I am your feet slave πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

    • Anonymous

      By the way you remember me?

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