The Journey to Becoming a “Master”

loves2learn m

I have a new “G@G title” now - Master. What does it mean to be a “master”?

Is this like Jedi Master?
Is this like Jedi Master?

It’s been nine (short or long is debatable) months since I entered G@G as loves2learn. Recovering from an unfortunate incident with a “20 year old lesbian” creating 8+ accounts with my actual face and black mailing me for nudes.

I didn’t sleep the night I was stalked.
I didn’t sleep the night I was stalked.

What an entrance to make huh? LOL! I could have just called it quits then but I had already made some friends and I did not want to abandon them. I spent 2 weeks on that first account, making it to xper 5, with a horribly chosen username I do not wish to repeat (feel free to ask me in pm if you want to be nosy).

Celebrate the unexpected victories.
Celebrate the unexpected victories.

Now, looking back on it, that “stalker” did me a favor forcing me to close that previous account and coming back as the “me” I am now. Was defeating at the time to start all over at xper 1 and try to convince yhr people I already knew to pm with me, but I did it. 💪🏻

What do I shoot for now?
What do I shoot for now?

If “Master” level can be reached in as few as 9 months, what do I shoot for now? Editor and Influencer I guess. 🤔

Dangers of always having things to “shoot” for.
Dangers of always having things to “shoot” for.

It’s been a wild nine months. Time flew by. Will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings.

What did you do after you reached “master” level?

The Journey to Becoming a “Master”
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  • IAMNathanael

    In this little planet, gag I think that's a neat achievement. Probably says something about your patience to reach master.

    I've been here for two years and not reach master yet.
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  • dustybiker
    👏 Congrats! 🥳
    That’s a lot to deal with, what a horrible person.

    I had “master” on my bucket list. Listed to tick the box of ‘something that takes great effort, but is completely worthless’. 😁
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  • OlderAndWiser
    Congratulations! We can always use moderators who frequent the site, keeping discoyrse civil and most especially protecting minors from adults who want to engage them in inappropriate conversations. Become familiar with he posting guidelines, report violations to Admin, and you will be considered for a moderator position.
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    • Hey, hi, @OlderAndWiser I am a moderator. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Sorry I missed the M under your profile pic. Become an uber moderator like me and then you'll REALLY be a bad ass! :) :) :)

    • I’m gunning for it! My success percentage has been good. Been a mod for 3 months now. 😇

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  • Cherry234
    Congratulations on making it to master level in only 9 months! It really sucks to have someone stalking you and impersonating you. I can't stand all those awful trolls and catfishes. I've made friends on here too and I don't plan on deactivating my account any time soon.
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    • Thank you! Glad to hear you plan to stay. :)

  • jennifer_bloom
    A lot of woman get trolled on this site, the same thing happened to two or three other woman I’ve seen on this site. Probably a jealous woman harassing him. I have two people sending death threats and impersonating me on this site, a guy and a girl with fake profiles asking fake questions and giving themselves best answer to boost their MHO.
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    • Whyyyy? Also how do you know about these people with fake profiles giving mhos? That is just nuts.

    • I blocked the person you gave best answer too. That might be one of the troll accounts. My stalker has a masters degree and is intelligent - but only good at lying.

    • Because not everyone is able to get high MHO’s on this site. I consider almost every ration above 63% to be a fake account. I studied humanities in university which was all about learning social techniques to win favour which is why my radio is so high. A normal person does not get very high MHO ratios without cheating.

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  • DryGermanGuy
    "Welcome, young Skywalker, I have been expecting you. I'm looking forward to completing your training. In time, you will call me... Master."
    - The Emperor, Return of the Jedi
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  • ShaTTeredMasterpeace
    I was Master under my other account and made a big deal about it when I reached it. I wanna say it took me a year. What I realize now is that all it meant is that I spent too much time here.
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  • Wiredone
    Apparently I have been on here exactly one year. Gag notified me of my anniversary. I'm still at level 9 because I'm not on here as much as I used to be. I really don't care about the points or titles. I'm here because I met some really nice people
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    • Yup! Same. That’s nice they notified you haha

  • Aerissa_Jade
    I don't even really know how levels work yet, other than I couldn't DM people until level 2. Guess I'll figure it out as I go.

    Congrats Master Loves2learn
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    • Thanks hun! I appreciate it. Maybe this will help. :)

      1 Xper Level 1 = 0 - 149
      2 Xper Level 2 = 150 - 299
      3 Xper Level 3 = 300 - 499
      4 Xper Level 4 = 500 - 999
      5 Xper Level 5 = 1000 - 2499
      6 Xper Level 6 = 2500 - 4999
      7 Xper Level 7 = 5000 - 7499
      Explorer Level 8 = 7500 - 9999
      Yoda Level 9 = 10000 - 19999
      Guru Level 10 = 20000-49999
      Master Level 11 = 50000+

    • Great info, thanks

    • Very welcome!

  • Mia-Wallace
    You might be a master, but I am a Force Spirit, wandering on GaG every once in a while for years. Your badge does not scare me. The Journey to Becoming a “Master”
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  • NathanDavis
    lol... very nice

    I am 3k Xper points away from it and didn't even try... but I sure throw a lot of words on the daily
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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    I'm happy for you and I'm so sorry you had to go through all that bull cause you are a loving person and your a beautiful person 🙏👼 Happy Holidays and Happy New Year and I pray God Blesses You !!!
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  • menina
    Congratulations! Becoming a Master in 9 months is a great achievement in GAG. It took me 4 years to reach the Master level for the first time and then a year and a half the second time, so you're really good at this Lol
    Also congratulations for bein a moderator. Maybe you can become an Editor.
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  • Stoner710
    Good job sorry about the harassment of course I’m at guru status haven’t done many mytakes (which I should do more often) but congrats on being a Jedi master
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  • ItsMeElliana
    i haven't reached it yet, but if I do I should honestly stop, that would literally mean I have no life and constantly keep on answering questions on gag or asking.
    i have a life and i should maintain it rather and focus on myself and my career first
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  • exitseven'm going to Disney World.
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  • Daniela1982
    I've been here 2 years+ and won't reach Master for another 10,000 MHO points. If you can make Master in 9 months you would have to ask a ton of questions and a ton of opinions. Even then you have to spend a lot of time here. I figure I have been spending too much time here myself and have not yet hit the sweet spot of Master. Not that you get anything special for achieving it except putting up with trolls for 2 years and reading/replying to the same questions being asked over, and over, and then even more after that. I think a lot of people just give up and leave before they can get there anyway as after a while it gets really boring with the same questions and the good people leaving.The Journey to Becoming a “Master”
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    • I had a few “featured” and “promoted” mytakes, several “great” questions and I answer a lot of first timers questions.

  • AviatorTom
    I have a long way to go yet... working on it. Thanks for your help!
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    • AviatorTom

      You know, since you are a woman, you should really be a Mistress... oh wait, that might have some other connotations that you and Mrloves2learn might not like ;-) ;-) ;-)

    • Lol! He would like it I wouldn’t. 😂

  • whosnumber1
    I'm not here for a year status level. just the hilarity and to meet some people and have interesting conversations... and ooooh boy have I ever! hahaah
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    • Oh same, for sure. But I do love checking boxes. Classic type A personality. Lol

  • MrHopper
    Congratulations! i got to rank 9 years ago and deleted my account, now about to hit 10

    If you want to be an influencer you need to post questions like "apples or oranges" every day! thats how you get the responses
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  • matchrestore
    I got to editor pretty quick (gag even featured a few of my MyTakes on their Facebook page back in the day), but I've been on here for years, and am still not master. I will be dm-ing about that former user name though, just because I'm nosy.
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  • InventorofWarp
    Congrats. Holy fuck man, I've been on here something like 2 or 3 years (granted I went on a hiatus from 2018-2019 and again for a bit from 2019-2020) and I'm still only just approaching Exp. 7.
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