Toxic Masculinity Is Not Real


Toxic Masculinity Is Not Real

Toxic Masculinity Is Not Real

I will tell you why Toxic Masculinity is not a real term. Here is a short history below about how the term Toxic Masculinity came about and how the meaning of it got mixed up in time.

Toxic Masculinity Doesn’t Exist

Toxic Masculinity Is Not Real

Traits that one person considers toxic, may not be to another person. The entire phrase is based on a subjective scale with absolutely no real ground and is used as a shaming tactic for feminists and anybody else buying into it.

It's A Preference

Toxic Masculinity Is Not Real

For example, one person may like the typical “alpha male.” Confident, loud, powerful, buff, etc.

But another person may find those traits unlikeable, and so they’ll brand that male as “toxic” because “toxic masculinity” is a catch-all term for any traits a man has that are considered unlikeable or “overly masculine.”

Toxic Masculinity Is Not Real

That’s all it is!!!!!

Any trait that a person or society deems unnecessary, unlikeable or “overly masculine” in a man is Toxic Masculinity.

Men Get Shamed For Being Men

Toxic Masculinity Is Not Real

The problem is, by shaming men on a completely subjective scale, you intimidate, which is exactly what most “feminists” want, they want to intimidate men that go against the grain of acting like girls and reject the weak and feminized version of men who have no balls you see portrayed and existing everywhere today.

FYI: Toxic People Are Everywhere

Toxic Masculinity Is Not Real
Toxic Masculinity Is Not Real

There are toxic people, but to make an entire term for men and to keep cramming it down the throats of men is biased, bigoted and a result of brainwashing.

Toxic Masculinity Is Not Real

A toxic person can be defined as somebody that is poisonous to you or society. Toxic people can be any gender, male, female or nonbinary.

How The Term Was Originally Used

Toxic Masculinity Is Not Real

It was coined in the Men’s Movement of the 80s and 90s, it was motivated as a reaction to feminism.

Through male only workshops, wilderness retreats, and drumming circles, this movement promoted a masculine spirituality to rescue what it referred to as the “deep masculine” a protective, “warrior” masculinity from "toxic masculinity".

Toxic Masculinity Is Not Real

Men’s aggression and frustration was, according to the movement, the result of a society that feminized boys by denying them the necessary rites and rituals to realize their true selves as men and be masculine. "How dare they be men"!

Toxic Masculinity Is Not Real

Thank you for reading everyone,


Toxic Masculinity Is Not Real
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  • StunningANDbrave
    It will be interesting to see what kind of rationalization stupid feminists make about this when/if we have to go to war. Things have been good for too long and retarded shit like this is a byproduct of it.
    Is this still revelant?
    • WowwGirl

      Well one guys trolling me showing screen shots on his questions teaming up with feminist where I called him a pussy in this. Acting like it's not a factual statement.

      @Still-alive idnt that right?

    • Nothing factual about it wowgirl, you know you’re full of shit.

    • WowwGirl

      @Still-alive it's a really a puss move for a man to cuss at a woman.

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  • Ez-Bri-Z
    Sooooo, if I am reading this correctly between this article and your comments, toxic masculinity can't exist, but radical or crazy feminists CAN exist. Would you kindly explain how that paradox works? In the end you are just swapping words for the extremism of any particular topic, whether it be "crazy" feminist, "toxic" male, "radical" conservative, or "violent" protests.

    I'm sorry, you can't deny one and accept others. While I congratulate you on researching the first entry on "the history of toxic masculinity" and taking a glance at the wiki article, I would like to take a deeper dive into this with you, if I may.

    You are absolutely correct about the time period of when the term originated and that is about it. Where you absolutely lose me is the idea that they were upset about the protector role that men had typically been seen as up until then. It wasn't about feminizing men. It was about taking away the idea that the more extreme ends of "masculinity" were considered ok.

    You have to take into account the ever changing flow of what was considered masculine and in what time period they were in. Think about far into our past where it was considered extremely fashionable for men to wear wigs and the color pink was considered popular for boys. Children, including male children, wore dresses as infants and toddlers. It was fine then. Around the late 1800s, a new definition of what adult masculinity was supposed to represent emerged. Before then, a man was considered a real man by being extremely faithful to his god and being a hard worker. Eventually that definition became more of one based around strength and competition with one another. Now today, that idea of masculinity is changing again.

    All "toxic" masculinity is referring to is the idea that some of the more extreme traits of what is considered "masculine" like; bullying, sexual harassment and assault, reinforcing the idea of gender roles as being the only way we can move forward as a society, the idea of ruling over their home with an iron fist, and treating women like property is still considered to be ok or expected because that's is just how men have always been. They haven't always been that way at all.

    We don't live in a period of time where strength is even considered necessary in most cases. Everything has moved to the digital age and brilliance is emerging as a more preferential trait of men over brute strength. Those who rally against it and those who support it, are relics of an era that is fading and no longer needed.

    A man can be strong both in physical attributes, in mind and in soul and none of those make him toxic. Someone being toxic is taking those attributes and using them to tear down others to assert dominance instead of being a moral example of how to be those things without tearing others down. It isn't a sliding scale of preference to determine if it is toxic or not. Those behaviors ARE toxic and the only sliding scale is the one in your mind determining if you are comfortable accepting men who feel the need to tear down others.
    • Boom, bet she's too lazy to read all this though

    • WowwGirl

      @Still-alive why are you only combative with girls?

    • WowwGirl

      And why are you in midlife not disabled and living with your parents in a basement?
      You are in no position to judge anyone miss

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  • WhiteSteve
    Dude in the Hello Kitty outfit😂😂😂💀💀💀

    So I can kinda agree with a lot of what you’re saying. I try to walk a line. I’m all about being a man, in the best senses. What I don’t like in a lot of other guys is phony machismo. I feel like a significant amount, if not the majority, of the male population are fraudulent. They put on airs that they’re macho men but it’s all a big show, and the louder they are about it, the more of a show it is, oftentimes. I have a whole list of “pseudo-masculine” activities that I see ALL THE TIME, and more often than not, I’m not buying it, it just seems like a front. Dudes with big pickup trucks or fast sports cars or motorcycles, drinking hard liquor, guns and weaponry, playing poker, getting tattoos, owning some tough dog breed, or that “look at me” asshole out in public with a python over his shoulders lmao. These activities are very common things that I have no problem with in a vacuum, and not everyone who does these things is suspect... I’m just making a personal assessment on an individual basis, and more people fail my test than pass it. I just feel like a lot of people do these things to seem tough or seem like “one of the boys”, and a lot fewer actually ARE those things and these activities or possessions are just indicative of that. Like lots of people just buy and cultivate a facade or image, most aren’t naturally that person. Like Jay-Z said “you can try to change but that’s just the top layer/man, you is who you was ‘fore you got here.” I don’t know how to describe how I know, it’s just kind of a real recognize real situation.

    And I’m a little different myself in that I’ll take longer to get ready than my girl, put on a pink t-shirt, drink a fruity drink, hold a Pomeranian, all while jamming out to old emo Paramore, and if any dude wants to question if I’m a man, I’ll answer it by putting him to sleep faster than you can say Hayley Williams. I also might be murdered out with five days’ stubble drinking a Guinness and chillin’ with my cousin’s huge German Shepherd listening to Griselda, I’ll put someone down the same way, but they probably wouldn’t ask the question based on appearances in that instance lmao. But I’m just saying I’m a man regardless, and I know that, so whatever costume I have on or what I’m doing is irrelevant to that. When push comes to shove, everything else is out the window, at that point no one can fake anything anymore and you just see what it is and see which one walks away and which one crawls away.

    Anyway, I think there are a lot of things men can improve on, particularly in our treatment of other people. But at the same time, I never want my nuts clipped, being and feeling masculine is important to me. Ladies, miss me with any “man-spreading” complaints until you’ve walked around, and more importantly SAT around, with a dickenballs between your legs, compressed enough to start with by being in pants, haha. But anyway, I think we need to revisit and redefine what masculine behaviors are positive and which ones are negative, and like with any other skill, try to eliminate the negative attributes and just rock it with the positive ones, and perfect the art of being a real man😎👍 Just don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, because I think there’s more good than bad from it all on the whole.
  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    Isn't that the same tho as when people call men simps or beta because they don't fall into what people consider "manly"🤔
    How about people just stop labeling, judging, trying to shame other people period🤷
    • WowwGirl

      I agree

    • Really? Cuz no offense meant, but don't you do that on here? Call men unmanly if they cry or drink fruity drinks, etc... I personally don't think it's a person's or a females place to decide for a man what makes him a man... We're all different and have a right to be ourselves... If there's people we don't mesh with, that just means they wouldn't make a good friend or a good partner.. doesn't mean we should act like we're better than them, just different🤷

    • she referred to men as "pussies' on my answer and refuses to say what that means. its this illusory or nebulous word designed to shame men for what exactly? not conforming to what she wants i guess?

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  • Miah02
    Toxic masculinity isn't a man being a man.
    It's a man running around pretending to be a tough guy and jumpin down people's throat every chance they get to pretend to be a bad ass.

    A real masculine man don't need to put effort in to be masculine.
    • WowwGirl

      Some men are actually tough believe it or not🤷 and don't have to act. But I hear you

    • Miah02

      Yeah but they don't have to pretend.
      You can tell the difference from weak ass clowns pretending to be tough and the real tough men.
      The weak ass clowns pretending to be tough are toxic masculinity.
      The natural tough men who it just comes out is masculine and sexy not toxic

    • WowwGirl

      I think confident men say the least actually

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  • Phoenix98
    Of course there's no such thing as toxic masculinity.

    Toxic masculinity is just a phrase some hurt women came up with in a moment of frustration and anger. Probably blaming masculinity for the reason she got hurt rather then the actual problem.

    Toxic femininity is no different, same thing.

    Like you said toxic people are everywhere.
  • JosyJosy
    For me toxicity doesn't have a gender, people are just being an asshole/bitch and that's about it
  • JayParris
    You hit the nail on the head this time for sure. Masculinity isn't toxic and toxic traits aren't masculinen but by combining the two, they've created a false semantic connection that serves to label any masculine behavior as harmful.
  • 45Fstraight
    I would also like to add;
    Feminism is NOT for everyone!

    That saying (always written in pink), "feminism is for everyone," seems to be used along with, "toxic masculinity," everywhere I go.

    • WowwGirl


    • grega239

      True. Not everyone can be a gender fascist

  • 123lucy
    Of course toxic masculinity is a real thing. You don't seem to know what it even is though.
    • WowwGirl

      Because it's not real

    • anylolone

      What's your toxic feminity? I think it's the same of Ghislaine Maxwell.

  • DJB72
    It's so refreshing to read another person saying this. Even more so that it's not another guy saying it.
  • MudRucker
    What you described was diverse man can be and how one man can be perceived differently by others.

    For all those who claim diversity is a good thing (and it is), try accepting ALL people. Not just those who think and buy into the same politics as you.
    • WowwGirl

      I think bring different is good but don't shame those who are. Same with LGB don't shame someone because they are different not like you

  • RolandCuthbert
    I read through you take and I still don't know what is toxic masculinity supposed to be. But I will talk about this as being a "Black" man in the "Black" community.

    In my community. . . African-American. . . the issue is too many "Black" men have a definition of masculinity that is based upon being unemotional, detached, violent and having sex with a lot of different women. That is destructive. It destroys the community and the environment for children to feel protected and for women to grow in their femininity. Which is why the culture is warping where "Black" women are moving into leadership positions and doing the providing. We desperately need for "Black" men to begin redefining what it means to be a man. That definition has to include being a defender of the community and being a protector of its women/children. It has to include being a provider and leader.

    My ex and I split up. And she married a brother who refuses to work. Yet he thinks he is a man. And it is based upon the fact that he can attract a lot of different women.

    I get all the hatred of feminists, etc. . . but feminism does not define masculinity. The reason why their argument is effective in the "Black" community is because there is a vacuum. "Black" men have not come together to start a discussion about what it means to be a man. I posted about this before. And some of the same fools here patting you on your back, whined like little puppies when I posted my take. . .

    What are masculine traits?

    It is like they need to be coddled. But they can't figure out how to define their own masculinity. They need their mother to pet them on their head and tell them they are good little boys. And it is crazy. Women cannot define what it means to be a man. Only men can do that.

    What Are Masculine Traits?
  • ultimega
    So if a man beats up a woman know that he'd physically stronger than her - that's not toxic?

    Sorry but the way you think is like your from the 1940s.
    • WowwGirl

      Not the 40s but not modern enough to have a rectal loving boyfriend online.

    • WowwGirl

      No worries about masculinity there I guess just aids

    • Whats with these lefties and whatnot saying you have a mindset from (insert pre 2000s time) really predictable as to what you think. "So if a man beats up a woman know that he'd physically stronger than her" this statement alone is so garbage, I don't even feel like giving you the terms I would use to dissect it because you wouldn't know what they mean, so I will simplify it.

      You are taking a random scenario with a ridiculous amount of missing variables and using it to your advantage. "if" "If a man beats up a woman", ok... If a man beat up a woman, why did he do it? was he acting in self defense. Was he angry. Why did he do it. You leave this incredibly important detail unfilled.

      A strong woman is still weaker than a weak man, so yes, men know women are weaker and smaller and frail. does that give them an excuse to commit violent crime, it does not.

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  • razelove
    You linked together some good ideas, arguments, and facts for your take/argument here. Problem is you didn't link them together very coherently. You're jumping from A to D, and expecting your reader to link the dots.

    That's all fine and dandy when someone agrees with you, and bothers to read some of the material you have referenced. When someone is on the fence, or disagrees, it leaves open huge openings for counters.

    That being said, I need to post some content to back that statement up myself besides mere criticism lol. All in all I think radical feminists created a divide that made a situation where something like "toxic masculinity" had to appear, or else men would be feminized and belittled to the point of being second class citizens if not slaves.

    You still hear women crying about the patriarchy when women leave school (high school, trade, or college) in the west with a higher earning potential than men... It's no wonder so many more men identify as women than women who identify as men. The benefits are enormous.
    • WowwGirl

      If I cared what others thought I'd try man😃

    • Sarahnah

      What? I thought there were more trans men than trans women around. People suffering from gender identity issues are female like 80% of the time. From my observations at least

    • Sarahnah

      Well I just looked it up and apparently there are more trans women than trans men. Weird.

  • Lliam
    Really good MyTake, WowwGirl. It had to be said.
    Actually, I hadn't really thought much about it before. And maybe that's the problem. It's another one of those phrases that gets tossed around without any thought.

    On one hand, what you said is true. It's a way of vilifying an entire gender and making it seem like there's something wrong with masculinity, itself.

    On the other hand, though, there are some human behaviors that are negative or harmful and, when displayed by men, can be extra dangerous. I'm thinking of aggressive violence and intimidation, in particular. But is the capacity for violence always a bad thing? What about defensive violence? Think of heroic violence, strength, and courage - the willingness and ability to protect and defend others or to perform great feats to rescue others.

    Toxic elements of masculinity are learned. One of those might be the inability to display emotion or tenderness. That trait is a sign of stoicism, inner strength, self control. But it can be harmful to the man and his loved ones if he is cut off from his emotions or lacks the ability to ever reveal them.
    Another element would be misogyny, which I would define as bigotry toward the female gender.

    True toxic masculinity is when an entire society favors men over women. That has been the case since the beginning of "civilization". Women were considered to be less than men, merely based on size and strength. Women were treated like chattel and considered worthless for anything but bearing and nurturing MEN'S children, and being treated as servants. Similar to slaves, they had no legal rights. They had no ability to survive on their own. That is still true in some cultures. And in modern society, there are still those who think the man should be the leaders, the bosses, the head of the household, etc.

    In recent decades, in some societies, women have gained nearly equal rights, at least on paper. But vestigial societal bigotry still remains. In addition, some men resent women's newfound liberty. They see women as competition (adversaries), and they resent the fact that women are no longer dependent on them.
    On the other side of the coin, a few women are bitter over historic patriarchy. This has given rise to what could be termed toxic femininity. Those women are misandrists. They aren't satisfied with equality and unity. They want to swing the pendulum to favor women over men.

    While thinking about this issue, I am reminded of something else. When I look at women who rise to positions of power, it seems to me that they are the ones who have mastered masculine body language and displays of power - dictatorial, pragmatic (focused on the ends but unconcerned about the means), inflexible, ruthless, competitive. The traits and behaviors of a CEO are masculine, not feminine.
    This is just an observation. I'm not even sure what a balance of masculine and feminine leadership traits would look like. It's a subject for a different discussion.
  • Huldusonur
    I consider toxic masculinity to be when a man is taught to supress his emotions and to be "tough" even when it's destroying him. But I never knew where the term originally came from. Turns out it's just a case of people misusing words again.
  • WolfKvlt
    Great read. Toxicity is subjective (unless dealing with harsh chemicals).
    Proud to be considered Toxic! 🏴‍☠️
  • genericname85
    Exactly that's the problem with our modern sjw PC bullshit society. Making individual problems everyone's Problem.
    • WowwGirl

      What s jw?

    • social justice warriors. you know those karens that see racism and sexism and patriarchy in everything and everyone all the time.

    • professional "offense on behalf of others takers", if that makes any sese grammatically xD

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  • TruthBringer
    A wise man once said: "Toxic masculinity was invented by women nobody wants to fuck, to describe the men women do want to fuck" - Andrew Tate
  • EternallyCorrect
    This is a great take, but almost everybody is wrong about the men’s movement. The men’s movement is as much to blame for the emasculation of men as feminism is. All these weak fucks you see talking about how unfair it is to expect a man to be strong, that was the MRA argument.
  • hellionthesagereborn
    Basically. I mean the very premise of masculinity being toxic should be an indicator that the person using it (feminists) are sexist. Only sexist would suggest that masculinity which created civilization, brought order to the world, protected our species and allowed it to survive would be some how "toxic". Something necessary to survival by its nature is not toxic, its necessary.
  • OddBeMe
    So masculinity is real. And toxicity is real. But toxic masculinity isn’t?
    • WowwGirl

      If you're a crazy feminist I'm sure to you it's real

    • MrOracle

      "Toxic masculinity" is a term that, as used today, is intended to at the very least imply, if not assert, that ALL masculine traits are toxic, and that masculinity in general is a bad, awful thing that is harmful, shameful, and must immediately be changed.

    • WowwGirl

      Anyone can be toxic not just guys

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  • alance99
    I totally agree with you everybody has different prefrences but one shouldn't be toxic about it.

    Nice Mytake

    #wowwgirl rocks 🙂🙂
  • Likes2drive
    Anything can be toxic, doesn’t have to be masculine or anything else, just another made up phrase
  • friendzoned4life
    Exactly toxic masculinity does not exist.

    I Myself am a very emotional man.

    But the only thing that is giving me control over the emotions is anything that is seen as toxic by self proclaimed feminists

    If I want to keep myself from snapping at anyone I go to the gym on a regular basis

    Why? Because men are still not allowed to show their emotions in public.

    And being a man making a competition out of it is Just adding the fun in to the mix

    Offcourse if I am gonna go to the gym I am gonna try to reach my prime physique nowadays you allready get called fatphobic for Just wanting to look your best. Especially by People that Just are looking for an excuse.

    But if you ever walked in to a random gym in the world everybody is proud on the fat People in there for trying if they make it or not they at least tried to be healthy.

    That is Just one example of how random terms are created.

    But in the end boys will be boys and Girls will be Girls.

    So the majority of boys will always want to be the best in a random sport.

    And the majority of Girls will always want to be the best in building a family

    Nothing toxic here Just nature
  • AnotherDrinkPlease
    Pretty good piece of writing. I didn't really know what feminists were talking about until I read this because I usually don't pay much attention to their gobbledygook. I know they mean me harm so they can go. . . . well I'll be a gentleman and not say it. If being masculine is toxic then I'm toxic. I'm not gonna change at my age. I doubt I'd change even if I were 20 years younger. Feminine men are annoying to me anyway.
  • CasaNorba
    the term toxic masculinity was created by MRAs to be used as a term to describe toxic behavior that men justify by relating it to their gender. of course feminists had to take this term and blow it out of proportion by claiming that anything that revolves around masculinity is automatically toxic masculinity.

    but oh well I really dont give a fuck what they think. because as usual it is never "toxic" when they see it as something that serves a convenience to them
  • Anpu23
    I actually wrote on this as well Men's Emotions And Toxic Masculinity
    It's purely a shaming tactic. And a tool to manipulate and control men. One of the things I find interesting is that feminism teaches that gender is a spectrum, that it's a social construct, until it comes to antisocial behavior then men are inherently evil and must be brought to heel.
    • WowwGirl

      Awesome I'll read it sorry I didn't know

    • Anpu23

      No big deal. Thanks for your writing. The more the merrier

    • WowwGirl

      I'd forget my ass if not attached to my body

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  • bamesjond0069
    Toxic masculinity is femininity. When men act feminine it becomes toxic.
    • WowwGirl

      There's my friend

    • weeee

      And why and how exactly? Men who put on makeup and dresses aren't bothering anyone. The other side however is always constantly ridiculing them.

      You wanna get ripped and act tough then go ahead. But i dont get how someone liking girly things affects you.

    • WowwGirl

      @bamesjond0069 🙂 someone is not on the same page as us

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  • Exterminatore
    I would add that I believe the broader reason for this is to ultimately destroy men and as you stated make them girls or act like girls as much as possible. I would also add these feminist cunts don’t intimidate me, but rather I intimidate them. I’m probably just the kind of guy these worthless cunts had in mind when they coined that term.
    • WowwGirl

      Hey I like you but easy on the c word please. Respectfully speaking

    • WowwGirl

      I see that as a female version of the N word and I'm not comfortable with either. If you are wondering why I ask.

  • Isitweird997
    I'm glad someone knows the truth. Men aren't under some kind of act where we pretend to be super maxuline... We just act how we want and do what we do naturally... it's. jus men being men because we have testosterone... And some girls say we're toxic masculine cos of that, I'm sorry but that's what God intended.. he wanted us to be masculine... If you want a world where all guys are girly... Just become a lesbian instead
    • Like how can you be mad at a male being maxuline. That'd like me being mad that girls are girly.. well they're not gonna be manly are they? Like what do you expect

    • Sarahnah

      I'm afraid it's a lot more complicated than that. I like softer, gentler guys but I am still attracted to men :/

    • @Sarahnah so basically a boy who went to ballet school. Lmao. Whatever floats your boat I guess

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  • Chthou95
    Im shocked that i mostly agree with you. Toxic masculinity does exist but shaming men for masculine traits is not toxic masculinity, it's just assholes wanting to rid men of traits that make us men
    • WowwGirl

      Why shocked?

    • Chthou95

      Because usually i don't agree with your beliefs or views. But every once in a blue moon, people have opinions i agree with

    • WowwGirl


  • BeenThereLovedIt
    Here's a good perspective and history of Men's rights.
  • ChrisMaster69
    It’s a good take, luckily we do not get that much of this over here.

    People tend to be toxic and it’s not a gender or sexuality thing really.

    with the masculine thing, it’s often toxic guys just throwing out their own toxic ideals on others.

    it’s like there is an invisible 10 commandments that defines a masculine guy, if you can’t meet them you’re not a guy.

    Some stuff I do likely ticks the masculine bits some stuff does not, I really don’t give a fuck.

    I know myself if needed I can have stepped up to be counted and put my ass on the line.

    With anything, masculinity, femininity, sexuality, if you head out towards the extremes, you pick up the toxic views that then become synonymous with the overall word.
  • Zang101

    I somewhat agree. Toxic Maculity does exist, but it isn't the description of the man, it's the societal values that are pressured onto anyone born with a peins to be the described man.

    There's no problem with being a hyper-masc manly man. There's a problem with pressuring people who aren't that, to be that more like that.

    I'm pretty sure it exist for feminine stereotypes on the Womens' side as well, so it's not a male-exclusive issue either.
  • loveslongnails
    I don't agree that "men get shamed for being men". What I see more often are men acting stupid, then getting shamed for it, and trying to excuse it by saying " bullshit, I'm a man and that's what men do ! "
  • OlderAndWiser
    It is always reassuring to see that at least some women understand men who want to be men!
  • Aphrodite801
    I don't know why you invited me to this cause you know I disagree pretty sure most women do so, yeah.
    • WowwGirl

      It would only to allow me to do all.

      Just the same as I wonder why someone would come just to bitch and attempt to be in suiting. It's easy not to come with a invite, isn't it?

  • topramen1565
    Smh. Toxic masculinity is very real. From the comments you post, you aren't in a position to discuss toxicity if you're a toxic, hypocritical person yourself.
  • Boaz1208
    Some dudes are definitely dicks, but I would consider myself a nice guy. Their dicks, I am not. I don't know, I have been buried in work for the last couple years I haven't com up for air. But I finally made it to asst. manager just recently so I am super stoked.
  • backblueblack22
    Funny how the phrase “toxic masculinity” gets branded, circulated, promoted and “academized” but you rarely if ever hear the phrase “toxic femininity”.

    If you want to point out some of the dark deeper bullshit with male ego, fine. But don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house. Women treat each other like shit and many are very capable of using their sexuality to harm men.
  • AdithyaR
    Toxic masculinity is a thing but it's not what most people equate it to.
    There's nothing wrong with being traditionally masculine, as long as you do it because you want to. By all means, go to gym and have big muscles, drink only beer, go fishing, do whatever you want. The point is that you shouldn't be shamed for doing things you like. And that includes, wearing dresses or wearing make up too.

    Toxic masculinity is when men are forced to conform to a certain idea of what a man is and is shamed if he isn't.
    Doing things like shaming a guy for crying is toxic masculinity. Insulting kpop artists cause they look effeminate is toxic masculinity. Feelings offended cause a gay guy asked you out, instead of just telling him you're not gay, is toxic masculinity.
  • tupacs_only_wife
    If its not real then explain why most men are treated like trash if they express themselves. Explain why men are called "Beta" if they try to get assistance and why they are told to become "Alpha" males. Heck... Have you seen videos on how to become an "alpha" male. Literally all of the advice every one gives on becoming an alpha male contributes to depression and sometimes suicide not only amongst young boys but men as well. This is the reason most men distance themselves thinking it will make them the most wanted but the reality is that TOXIC MASCULINITY EXISTS AND ITS SLOWLY KILLING MEN FROM THE INSIDE!!!
  • weeee
    Toxic masculinity is real. And no, toxic masculinity doesn't mean undesirable masculine traits. Toxic masculinity is the forcing of supposedly masculine traits on men and expecting every single one of them to live up to it.

    "dont cry, you're a man"
    "you need to have physical strength, you're a man"
    "you're supposed to like sports, you're a man"
    And more stupid shit like that.

    Many men dont want to live up to these expectations. And when they dont, they instantly get made fun of, their "masculinity" is questioned etc. This has absolutely nothing to do with feminism. Toxic masculinity has always existed. It puts men into strictly defined boxes and punishes them for expressing themselves as they truly feel on the inside.

    Essentially, creating a *toxic* environment for men, which arises through societal notions of *masculinity*

    Hence the term.
  • Coolkat12345
    Ya I mean some guys act like weak punks and think that it means their masculine lol it’s best for a guy to just be himself right?
  • lazermazer
    It is real. Anything in excess is toxic whether it be male or female.
    There's no point in discussing the terms used for movements, they don't mean anything in life.
  • DeltaCharlieEcho
    Surprisingly good take.

    The real issue with society is toxic feminism; If people start realizing that, we have hope, if they don't we're all done for.
  • AndrewMG
    Well if people attach labels and attach stereotypes to people then it allows people to create a situation where terms such as "Toxic masculinity" become relevant and in some case's rightfully so.
    What I don't understand is this crazy need for labels and not realising most people are individuals and celebrating that fact and the fact different people are attracted to different personalities.
    I mean I've travelled 1000 of miles over the Atlantic to watch a boxing match but worked a way from a pub fight as I don't like unorganised violence
    I've travelled the world watching my football team but refused to watch the national team as I don't want to be affiliated with a minority of there supporters.
    Essentially what I'm saying is a person can only be themself and react the way they are, by encouraging labels then a person encourages bad behaviour.
  • Alejandro3000
    it is real tho
    • WowwGirl

      Nope just a excuse to be weak and girly for boys

    • WowwGirl

      What's tho

    • simps are a toxic masculinity.
      Men who develop into huge muscle men are toxic they are faking their true genetics and attracting women based on that not their true self/personality. Women are also guilty of toxic femininity by wearing makeup/plastic surgery/ wonderbra tissue boobs.
      Some men also do not believe consent is required so ignore her no, especially when married they think marriage = consent.
      Other toxic masculinity is when a guy talks about his life issues and his group of guys say 'man-up'
      I think your idea of toxic masculinity is a different definition entirely?

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