How can you tell if a girl is intimidated by you?

I'm trying to figure out if a girl is intimidated by me or maybe she just doesn't care too much... I mean were friends, but she never really approaches me to talk, but she's always open to talking, and we get along well.

What are some signs that a girl may be intimidated by you?


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  • I think you should just stop initiating conversation for awhile to see if it affects her. I get shy around guys I like but if I really like someone, I will make an effort to initiate conversation. She might also be playing hard to're right; it is confusing and I'm not a fan of games, but if you want to know what her true feelings are, either just ask her or stop initiating convo. for a bit.


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  • Hmmm intimidated that can go in a few ways e.g. you have a smarter prescience about you and she could be scared of looking stupid or it could be she like's you again fear of sounding stupid it's a lot easier to talk to people you don't have feelings for. Could you give us some example or Scenario.

    • Well I just try to be mature and occasionally be goofy around her... But mostly mature. I show her that I'm a great friend, but she never really approaches me to say "hi" or anything. She is always open to talking when I walk up to her but like I said, she never really comes to talk to me. She seems to think of me as a friend too, but its just that sometimes I don't know if she's somehow intimidated by me, or if she just doesn't care all that much.

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    • Hhhmm well boyfriend she's not married so technically speaking there's nothing wrong with a good fight lol the lost text's could be cos her boyfriend was around. the only way to know for sure is talk to her.

    • To honestly get females and especially the one you want is honestly being confident, smooth and by being you, you can't lose cause your you, Be u

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  • Shyness. She fidgets, or looks down on the ground when you talk to her. Those are the most basics signs.

    • What if like her hands seem to shake when I'm around? I noticed that one time. I'm sure mine were too! lol

    • ... yeah. That's along the lines of fidgeting too.