Coworker seems scared of me?

I have this rather cute, smart coworker who seems scared of me. He is often either staring at me when he thinks I am not looking, or trying to look like he wasn't staring when I catch his eye. he blushes and stammers when we talk, and often just looks at me silently when I give him a big, smiley "hello". I find myself trying hard not to lock eyes because of the nervousness it seems to cause both of us. We probably would not talk at all if I didn't initiate it, except for when he offers to get me drinks and treats, and he has memorized how I take me coffee. At an office party, we found ourselves next to each other, had a long look into each other's eyes but remained quiet. After a while I made a slightly sarcastic comment about the forced aspects of office parties, he seemed thrown off, then when we headed off in the same direction, he veered off like he needed to go somewhere. Is there any way this weird tension could be broken? I rather like him but I don't expect anything of it, I would just like to have less drama.
Coworker seems scared of me?
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