Why hasn't he replied yet or read my texts?

We've been speaking for a while meeting up soon been speaking for 2months
This is how this week messages went
Him:aw thats cool I hope I get to see these hot yoga pants soon :'):') ye was on earlys off for the next 2 days can't wait:') you looking forward to going back to college? any plans for today? xx"
Me: I just replied back answering an brought up how I walked into the bench hard right after my gym session
Him::'):'):'):') you idiot il give you a massage don't worry x nothing much just chilling today watching tv nice lazy day yayyyyy x
Me:Haha I know I'm so clumsy always hurting myself in the gym weight fell on my nail once *facepalm* legs in agony definitely need a massage :') aw good to chill after hard days work what do you like to watch on tv? :) x
He took a day to respond an said "aw I watch a all sorts of things a real variety of things how about you? when we getting hotel so I can give you that massage?:'):') xx"
I replied Same mostly reality and soaps atm need to catch up with the others. Hmm.. this weekend?:") x"
He hasn't read the message as on whatsapp a blue tick comes up he's been online often so today a day later I sent "We could do next weekend if not this weekend an book one of the hotels online?
He hasn't looked at that message either he knows they're there? Why hasn't he replied if he brought up the hotel?
He's been on whatsapp a lot just not looked at the messages as the blue tick hasn't showed up.
We have each other on Twitter an that still
Why hasn't he replied yet or read my texts?
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