Whats meaning of a tight hug and a kiss on cheek by a guy before parting?

When a guy wraps his arms tightly around a womans shoulders just below her neck, gently presses his face into her neck then his cheek against hers, while their chests are pressed tightly together, and hugs her for at least 30 seconds... even after she tried to let go of him... then he kisses her on the cheek & finally lets go... what is the meaning of such a long, tight hug that ends with a kiss on the cheek? When it ended, he smiled, then like a shy school boy, He dashed away acting as though nothing happened. He had work to do.
Is he looking for romance?


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  • you like him... remembering that much detail easily measns that you like him... and honestly yeah it is... he wants to be with you too... go after it girl


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  • This is sooooo cute!!! He likes you but I don't know if he serious or not, if he's paying attention to you then I am guessing he is


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