I finally met my crush. And now? what?

I'm really attracted to this guy and I thought that he was interested, too. But now, i'm not that sure about it. We used to have eye-contact before we met and we still do. But i'm afraid that all that time he wasn't staring at me but at my friend.
Although, i want to "make him mine".
When I bump into him at the street, i'm always the first to say hello. But there are times that i act as if i didn't see him and then I feel his eyes stuck on me. Because when someone stares at you but you don't look at his face you can feel it.
When i met him (it was one month ago) we were sitting next to one another and we were talking a lot. But now, when we see each other the only thing we say is "hey, how are you?''. And as i said before, i'm always the first who say hello.
I want to know if he is interested but i don't want him to misunderstand. And if he is not interested i want to make him in some way.
What should i do?
I finally met my crush. And now? what?
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