Guy friend likes me, but doesn't want to date?

I've been friends with my guy friend for 8 months and we're in college on break. He found out that I liked him and he said my friend told him a while back. He said he couldn't date me back then because I had dated one of his friends. He told me that he doesn't know if he likes me in that way now.

The week after he found out, he told one of our mutual friends (K) that he doesn't know when he likes a girl and he needs advice. She told him if he doesn't try, he'll never know. She said she thinks that he's afraid to ruin the friendship and I may have to ask him out.

I went to go see him last week and he started complaining about my ex who was the reason why he couldn't date me. He said that my ex hates him now and he told me he wanted me to meet his parents. He leaned in my car to give me a hug and he brushed my cheek with his chin and I thought he gave me a kiss so I quickly leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. Ever since then, he hasn't talked to me much.

Another mutual friend of ours said that my guy friend told him this week that he kinda likes me, but he doesn't want to do anything because he doesn't want to hurt me and he doesn't want to screw over my ex. But why should that matter because he just told me last week that he wasn't friends with my ex anymore. K told me that he is not 100 percent about liking me and he is going to keep making up excuses on why he can't date. So he likes me, but not enough to date? I'm so confused.

Before all of this, he was majorly hinting that he wanted to date. He told me he only dates friends and that he's been looking at our group of friends and trying to see who he could date eventually. He even brought up the whole "say you and I date" scenario. Could it be that we're on break for summer and we live an hour away from each other? Or does he just not like me that much or what? He's the type of guy that flirts like tickles me, sits on me, lays on top of me, slaps my butt, play wrestles, etc. I'm so confused.
Guy friend likes me, but doesn't want to date?
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