Why is my boyfriends mother so nosey?

I'm with my boyfriend 3 years we are both in our twentys
we don't live together but he stays in my apartment most nights and weekends.

so I noticed how much he tells his mother our business well his business when is he going to grow up
if we go out for food she asked where and how much was it !
If we go out to a club hotel anywhere she asks the prices it annoys me !
My boyfriend got a loan off his family for his car and it was the worst mistake he could of done because his mam controls us if we go out she gets to know all our business

my boyfriend finishes work early but sits having chats with his mother till 9:00pm mother then comes down to me.

When I first met his mother I new she didn't like me and she can be very sarcastic and double meaning to me and always seems to get her point across with sarcasm or she would insult me.
she so nosey it bugs me. And my boyfriend feeds her with all my personal business. She sarcasticly gives us hints about when it's right to have kids and that it shouldn't be anytime to soon ! Which is non of her fucking business. she's always telling my boyfriend to get a house but doesn't mention about our future. My boyfriend does everything true her. She has a lot of control over him. So I've decided to get a breast augmentation and my boyfriend asked me what will he tell his mother. I flipped ! Noting its non of her business ! Even tho I know she will ask me to my face and she's so nosey she will ask the price... His mother is very competitive and seem to be jealous of me. That's what other people have told me. Anyway What should I do?
Why is my boyfriends mother so nosey?
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