How do you know when to put your arm around a girl?

I think I'd wanna put my arm around a new girl before I kiss her for the first time--I'm too nervous to just go in for a kiss. I'd do it while we're taking a walk on the first or second date, while watching a movie, etc. Is it a good idea?

And how do I know if she'd like that? How can I be sure that I'm not awkward about it? I'm shy and awkward around girls, but in rare moments I can be confident. Thanks. : )

Any ideas at all would be helpful thanks : )


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  • I agree, if the date has been going well and you get the sense that she's comfortable around you. Just go for it. You could start with softly brushing her back. Often we women just wait around for the man to make the first move. We might try to walk close next to you or sit close, casually touching your arm ect ect.- hoping you'll make a move, That would be a great time to put your arm around her.

    And if she doesn't like you touching her, you will know- if her body tenses up or she might even tries to squirm away.

    Good luck :)


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  • aww...thats so cute...

    doing while you two are walking sounds good.

    like if you can feel a good vibe from the date

    then just go for her waist ! lol

    like the guys were saying if you gaze into her eyes

    you'll feel that moment plus with your arm around her

    you can easily just hold her right then and there...

    then go in for the kill ;]


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  • Look at her pupils. If she stares right into your eyes and her eyes are opened wider then normal(dilated) then she is feeling sexual and wants you to kiss her/hold her/have sex with her. Also some more useful information is if her pupils are closed don't start anything with her lol. She is either apathetic, sad, or depressed.

  • In my experience bro, if she doesn't like it, she'll squirm away, and on the kiss part, look her in the eyes, they'll tell you what to do.

    • OK cool, but I'd need something more concrete then just "the eyes." Like I don't even know what to look for in her eyes, would I really know? I'd hate to be totally embarrased. Is the arm-around-her first a good idea if I'm so nervous?

    • Well when you look into her eyes, you'll either get lost in staring at them and trying to remember everything about them, or you will just see her staring back at you, I know eye contact isn't the easiest thing to maintain but if you can pull it off there are sure to be rewards, see your gonna just have to trust her in the fact that she went out with you, and will be expecting a kiss just about every time you meet.