Girls, do I look datable? or look like a good boyfriend?

how do I look as an 18 year old guy? I keep hearing that nice guys are forgotten and get overlooked for jerks. the kinds who are alpha males, bully other guys, steal guy's girlfriends, and get into trouble. they get the hot sex while the nice guys get little to none, and get bossy wives/cheating bitches. hell, I didn't even make a FEMALE FRIEND. my hs didn't have the alpha male bastards, but my middle school did. and I was bullied a lot (tho those guys got better and got good grades/took AP courses in high school). I even lacked a prom date and went stag (had fun with dateless girls and friends). I had only one group, since everyone had fucking cliques. why do I lack friends? cuz of this, my confidence shot that I got depressed and my grades tanked (still graduated and got into university). I don't know what I do wrong. when I see someone interesting, I do the common way - go up and talk to him/her. but, after knowing the basics, - I don't know wtf should I talk about. especially if we have no common interests. and many people are too stuck in their cliques, which frustrates me, since I miss out on funny, smart, and friendly people, who block me out. is university better? here's some pros and cons of me.

dont smoke or drink.
will study computer science in the fall in Cal State East Bay.
rarely party (only to hang with/make friends).
I am very hardworking and enjoy travel. I enjoy playing basketball and want to try out martial arts!
I love video games and technology as well
. I enjoy action, superhero, and comedy movies.
like technology
I listen to all kinds of music, whether it be Jay Z, or even popular songs (Uptown Funk.)
I am adventurorus and always up for fun.
am loyal.
always smile at you and wave, hold doors open, and help you in need.
I may tell you you look nice in an outfit or pat you on the back / hug you, as a friendly flirt.
Once we become intimate, I may put an arm around you or cuddle with you or kiss you
NOT perverted
+1 y
Cons -
Am socially awkward
shy (once we become good friends/you get to know me, I won't shut up)
160 lbs
5foot 8
am not too funny (may make a small joke here and there).
not really competitive (if another guy talks to you, I may let him have you)
am quite of a pushover
not too muscular
am a nice guy. should I stop being nice to people, m
Girls, do I look datable? or look like a good boyfriend?
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