Why would a guy brush against a girl?

So this guy I didn't know kept brushing against me. The first day he brushed my arm lightly and walked by me slowly. Later I caught him staring and he looked away immediately. Then he stood next to me when I was with my friends. The rest of the time I saw him he kept brushing against me. One time he left his friends and stood close to me. Another time i was in line and he brushed against my shoulder and my butt. Is he trying to say something?
he was trying to make u aroused
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he was flirting
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relax. he likes you.
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+1 y
I think he was hot but I don't think i'll see him again. If I do what should I do?
+1 y
He's going on a trip wo Costa Rica in our group. What should I do if he brushes against me again?
Why would a guy brush against a girl?
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