Are girls shy around their crushes? if so, what are some signs?

talking about girls that are just a little bit (not too much) around guys


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  • All girls are different. It depends on their personality. Girls that are too shy will tend to be nervous around them, they may engage in small talk but it's nothing too serious. They tend to stare a lot but if you catch them looking, they will quickly turn away. In those types of situation, it's best that the guy makes the first move because the girl won't.

    Some girls are the flirty type: they talk and then will casually touch you on the arm or back, they'll say something mean but they are joking. It's kind of like being in 3rd grade when you had a crush on a girl and you'll pull her hair or be cruel.

    What type of situation are you in? Girls are easy to read they will give off positive vibe and the one's that give out negative vibes and they are into you, stay away psycho girls are a handful. Hope that helped

    • She might be shy, any tips on how to talk to her. last day of school is tomorrow...

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    • A relationship, but friends would be okay

    • OK well since your time with her is limited have a casual conversation like "I know we didn't really talk during this semester but if you want I could take you to a movie sometimes" something to that effect. Or ask her for her number that way you can talk on the phone and see if you guys connect. If you have a myspace that could be better. But take things slow. I don't know how much you know about her but find out her interest and link them into your conversation with her.

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  • Yeah I can be shy if I REALLY like a guy.

    It really depends. It depends on:

    -How well I know this guy

    -Whether I think this guy likes me back

    -How confident I'm feeling that day

    -What has happened in the past between me and this guy

    If I know this guy very well, then it can go either way. I could be more relaxed and LESS shy because I know him so well. OR...if I don't know him well at ALL, I may not be THAT shy because I barely know him and I haven't built him up so high in my mind. So, it really does depend! I'm pretty outgoing normally, so if I'm acting shy around a guy it's MORE than likely it's because I like him.

    The MAIN or biggest factor however that determines how "shy" I act around a guy however is whether or not I think he genuinely likes ME back as well. If I don't think that he likes me like that, or if I'm confused as to how he feels about me (maybe he's given me mixed signals in the past), then I will be VERY VERY shy around him. I wont' be able to be myself or fully comfortable. But if I sense that he is as into me as I'm into him, then all bets are off! LOL! I'm not shy at all! I'll be very comfortable around him (for the most part) because I know our feelings are mutual.

    How I act when I'm feeling "shy" around a guy that I like:

    *I may smile at him in a shy way when I'm around him or if he says hello

    *I may act very giddy, silly, and giggly when he's talking to me. I'll laugh MORE than usual at what he says...especially if he's flirting with me

    *I may look at him from afar when he's not looking

    *I will probably not go up to say hello to him first because I'm feeling nervous, but if he comes to me I'll be very warm, happy, and pleased

    *Sometimes I've even pretended not to see a guy near me (not to be mean!) simply because I was SOOO nervous and I didn't know how to talk with him. :(

    These are just SOME signs, but all girls are different. Like I said, I'm usually pretty outgoing, so if I'm acting shy around a guy it's usually because I like him. That's not to say that if I'm NOT acting "shy" around a guy that I don't like him. Sometimes I can like a guy a lot and not even be shy around him. But if it's a guy that I REALLY REALLY like, and I"m not sure how he feels about me, or our interactions in the past have been awkward, then I may be more shy than usual.

    Sorry this was so long, but I hope this helped!

  • Well, the only time I'm shy around my crush is when I don't know him yet, but usually I end up getting to know him and get more comfortable as time goes on.

    Signs that I show are probably being really quiet around him but quite talkative with my friends. Also, do you notice if she glances your way a lot? Usually, when I first enter a room where I know my crush is, I look for him first. So pay attention to her body language :) I don't know what other things I do, but those are the things I'm most aware of.

  • When I first meet the guy I like, I am very shy but when I know my crush and then I become talkative. I also become very flirtatious toward the guy I really like and love teasing the guy too. So each girl is different, your crush probably a shy type where she just sit there and smile.

  • usually what I do is not look in my crushes eyes which your supposed to right but I don't know girls aren't always that confident when they are in front of their crushes but some girls could be so it isn't for all just notice if she acts diffrent around you than other guys. cus even when a girl is confident she will act diffrent in front of her crush then she normally does around other people or guys. and remember this is because girls are scared of rejection so that's y they try to hide the fact that they want to keep looking at you or bring up you or your name in a convo.. somtimes they will still kind of do it. so look

  • I'm flirty, but I'm also shy. I flirt with the guy I like, such as playful teasing and being really sarcastic with him, and laughing at his jokes or just whatever he says. They say if you like someone, you'll touch them, but that isn't true for me. I reaaaally like this guy I work with, but I don't touch his arm or anything. I just find reasons to always be near him, such as pretending to get a drink.

  • if a girl realllllly likes a guy they tend to be shy around them.

    some signs are:

    -if the girls constantly staring at you.

    -they'll act silly or giddy.

    -they'll do anything to get your attention.

    -they'll be really talkative / loud around their friends just to get your attention.

    -they'll give you shy smiles.

    -when you catch her staring at you, she'll quickly look away.

    -she'll laugh at everything you do.

  • They might smile A LOT. Or keep asking you questions so the conversation doesn't end. Best indicator? She acts differently around you then other guys.

  • maybe when you look at her she looks away and then blushes she might like you but she won't know how to flirt back because her nerves get to her when you talk to her she might get really excited I don't know my friend was like that

  • well I'm a shy girl type I like a boy don't I pretende I don't care I see him watching at me all the time and I stare hi m with the corner of my eye cause I'm afraid to look at him.I even pretend I don't care when he flirts with my friend I just laugh(fake laugh duhh).And I try talking to him always when I get a chance like how did you score on your test how did you solve this equation wooow did you see the game last night (I like football :D)etc


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  • What if the girl you like doesn't see you sitting there, then all of a sudden does (table you were at has a wall nearby) , and about trips and falls then changes direction, proceeds to walk well out of the way to get where she was going once she sees you. A girl at work does this day in and day out.. avoiding in person like that no eye contact blocked on any and all social media. Lol I think its funny she has to remember not to like me. I chuckled at the incident, it used to bother me