Why is he super protective of me?

There's this guy who I've been hanging out with for 6 months and he is older than me and is super protective when we are spending time together. Whenever we are crossing the road he always puts his arm out in front of me if there is a car and sometimes he does this if a car is pulling out the drive he will put his arm out in front of me. I'm always safe on the roads and I never run out in front of any cars. He also leads me to the side with his arm if I'm in the way of someone else and says 'watch out'

One time after I told him about my abusive ex, he was grilling me and asking me questions about him for an hour and a half and asking what I did with him sexually and then he got sad and less talkative afterwards

He also acts very concerned when I'm not well or if I have a nose bleed or I'm feeling ill he will keep asking me if I'm ok and he looks concerned. Once I got drunk and he seemed concerned about me and told me to go to the toilets and he would wait for me outside

He's asked me if I dated anyone else too and if they were abusive to me. I once asked him what our relationship was and he said he didn't know and he got flustered and then said he was thinking of kissing me at one point.

Why is he protective of me when he doesn't find me attractive?
Why is he super protective of me?
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