Would you reject a woman only because of her age?

I have the feeling, many guys like younger girls and care much about age. So my question is, would you reject a girl only because of her age? I mean everything is ok but the age is the problem. For example she is way older than you? Some guys say they want a fertile girl because they want kids but you also can adopt or there are many other options.
Yes, i would reject her
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No, i would not
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If i like her, i would not care about age
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I actually dont care about age
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2 mo
How much age difference can you tolerate? I mean how much older can she be?
2 mo
I still dont get it. If everything is perfect and you are really attracted to her, why do suddenly reject her because of an age number? Some women look younger than they should be, how do you know her age then? Thank you for your opinions!
Would you reject a woman only because of her age?
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