Is teasing a sign of someone liking you?

I have a huge crush on an Italian guy. He’s 38 and I’m 26. We have known each other for a while and we do flirt with each other quite a bit. The flirting can get sexual and on occasion he has slapped my bum.

So today I went to the hair dressers and had it dyed pink. Also yesterday I had my eyebrows done so they are fluffy. Today when I saw him, he was with two friends and he said my hair looked nice but was teasing me saying he didn’t know what colour it was supposed to be.

Then he asked me if I put hair gel in my eyebrows! But he said he was only winding me up and said it looks very nice.

i felt so silly because I do like to make an effort with my appearance!
Is teasing a sign of someone liking you?
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