Why do certain guys take rejection so personal?

So, I met this guy online/Facebook- dating application that they have now with Facebook. This was about a month ago, on the 1st. I'm guess him and I both liked one another so we was matched. And, since then him and I have been talking. But I do recall when he asked about seeing me, I'm like we just met, now your want to link up and met. So I came clear and had my confidence face on told him No. I said, maybe after when this Coronavirus, if over then maybe. So he left it alone and moved on, but then the day before yesterday. He asked again, and I question him and ask him what was his attention and why does he keep pressing with wanting to link up. I said, what is your intentions. So I gave him options as far as do you really want to meet me to really chill, or B to have sex. And he got back to me later on that day, and said both if it was Ok. Smh. Then today we are talkin I just a few minutes ago I came out and told him that I'm not interested in have any physical relationship with him. And lied to him about me being into females lol. So, he message me back, and said. (That's great though, because I'm also into girls so maybe me and you could have some fun sharing.) And I am a Cancer so we have a gift of picking up on energies quick. And from what I felt, when I told him the 1st time. He tried to turn it around and used the girl, in the mixed after I told him No and how I was into girl's. I feel like he took a personal maybe I'm overlooking the situation. But why can't he just take a hike and get the message, I'm not trying to have sex with him nor any strays nor any random people. I have class about myself. And I am getting older in age for fwbs. I had one for about 5 years on and off. But I have gone a year with out sex, so I'm good. But any thoughts or opinions with this situation?
Why do certain guys take rejection so personal?
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