Friends with benefits blocked?

Okay so I have a friends with benefits that I have blocked before for my own reasons but he managed to get in contact with me and all was fine.
I was having a good time with him the sex we have is top notch some of the best sex I’ve honestly ever had probably.
I recently blocked him though not because of anything he did but I stupidly reacted to one of his status not even react like a whole heart react and that’s not what we do it’s just weird so I felt embarrassed and blocked him again :(.
He later contacted me by calling my phone I know it was him because he’s the only person who has my # other than fam and well he called multiple times in a row but I didn’t know what to say I just get too nervous 😩 so I text him “who’s this?” He didn’t respond and now I’m sad that I may have lost him for good! What do you guys think? Is he upset with me? Will he come back?
1 y
Lmfaoo i love how there’s one girl on here liking all the bad comments on here like somebody’s mad 🤪😂☺️
1 y
Okay y’all he needed up getting back in touch with me last time night but this time he didn’t tell me who he was yet he just replied back with “loyalty” I asked what he means and once again he said nothing
Friends with benefits blocked?
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