Did my boyfriend ghost me?

I have been dating my boyfriend for almost three years, six months when he was living in LA then 2 years LDR in Asia. At first, he was my ideal guy: caring, responsive, attentive, and gentleman. But when he went back to his country and resumed his job as a doctor, he changed completely. At first, I thought it was his job so I talked to him about how his change in behavior was scaring me. But he became avoidant and refused to answer any question. When I initiated a breakup, he said he misses me and loves me and wouldn't let me go. He also said he MIGHT move to America to be with me.

He led me on like that for a couple of years. He never called me, even though I asked so all of our contact were through text. And I had seen him twice in the two years, all in the meantime we were on and off. But a couple of months ago, he lost his temper with me during our arguments that he was avoiding and broke things off with me, only to come back to me a week later saying he misses me and loves me.

Last week, I was asking him to send me a picture of him and he refused. He told me good night and to calm down (his favorite phrase). I absolutely lost it and went off on him. And he ignored my texts. So I told him the reason why I lose my temper easily and need the communication and support was because I had been raped a few years ago. After the rape, I had a hard time trusting people. The fact that I trusted my boyfriend was a big deal to me and, as a result, was hard for me to let him go. He told me that he will be here for me if he needs me. I could tell that our relationship was near the end and I asked him to just bear with me for one more week. I just needed one more week to get closure from him in order for me to let him go and heal. But he never replied to this text. It has been 8 days. I really just need closure for me to heal and move on from this.

Can guys offer an explanation or advice on what's going on in his head and can ladies offer some words of wisdom?
Did my boyfriend ghost me?
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