Told i'm a good person who deserves better, yet constantly disappointing and rejected?

Hi! In advance, sorry for the long post!

I met this guy who i liked their personality a lot. Were not officially dating, we met right before this whole pandemic thing started. We would communicate a lot Recently, dude admits to me that he's started talking to his ex again... -_- lol I keep getting the whole bs speech by different guys of 'You're a really good girl, you deserve so much better to someone who gives you everything, blah blah blah' as if to make me feel better? cuz if that were really true, why do i keep encountering this?

it's made me believe that there's something wrong with me, i'm not good enough, or pretty enough, and all these nasty other things of no self worth. i've just come to accept how i look and to have body positivity, so this is a real blow. Feels pretty gross to be told this, or have hopes for a new blossoming relationship, only for it to have it go sour quickly like expired milk.

its really bugging me and making me feel like crap. I already have insecurities, and being told 'i deserve better/a good person' makes me feel a little bitter/melancholic, like i'm curse to forever be unhappy or connect with someone. Lool, not superstitious though. Why would a person start talking to their ex again when they have mentioned it was toxic?

It doesn't make sense to me, lol. I was in a mentally abusive relationship (5 years , and that was so toxic and mentally abusive cuz i came to realize the person i was in love with was a legit sociopath and alchoholic. Thank god i got my big girl pants and ended that one!

Maybe i'm just feeling salty, lmaooo, but lately i have been feeling like my life is plagued with bad things happening to me. It sucks ass.

by the way, i've explained to the dude i'm a bit upset that he would do that cuz i really liked him and we both talked about having a stability after toxic relationships. He's apologized, but i guess he is still stuck in that toxic mentality, to go back to talking to an ex who made him feel not valued?
Told i'm a good person who deserves better, yet constantly disappointing and rejected?
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