Why does my boyfriend of 3 years think we need to do EVERYTHING together?

So, yes, I have asked him this question (for those of you who are going to say that I need to ask him versus strangers). He never has an answer. He simply shrugs his shoulders. I do want to tell you guys though that up until last year, he wasn't like this. In fact, he preferred to do things on his own and I was completely okay with this. After all, alone time is much needed for everyone.

So this behavior started small. First it was him wanting to run errands with him and all that and I would to appease him. However, that soon flipped. He then started wanting me to go everywhere with him. And by everywhere, this is not limited to bathroom use. Like he literally wants to take all showers together, calls me into the bathroom whenever he is using it, wants to be up my butt when I am cooking (which means he is in the way), won't go hang out and have a guys night unless I'm invited, etc. Most women would love this but I am actually having a really hard time adjusting. Probably because for 2 years it wasn't like this at all.

Now the tip of the iceberg was a fight that ensued over finances. He has some anger issues (they rarely spark up so it's not overly concerning but is at the same time) so it led to a blow up. He said he needed help but we can't afford therapy so he suggested he get a gym membership so he can go punch around a bag and get out that aggression. Awesome! So he goes and looks at the gym. I stayed home (despite him wanting me to go). When he comes home he tells me he got us the family bundle for $60 a month. I asked why, because I'm not the one who needed or wanted it and he says "We can do it together".

I've told him multiple times I need space but whenever I do, he thinks I'm distancing myself and pushes harder for us to do more together. Why do you think he suddenly changed?
Why does my boyfriend of 3 years think we need to do EVERYTHING together?
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