Awkward silences during FaceTime... are they normal?

I just had my first virtual FaceTime chat with a guy that I met off Hinge 3 weeks ago. We usually text everyday. It lasted 2 hours and we had a bunch of awkward moments where there was just silence for a few seconds... I was nervous as hell so I started asking him a lot of random small talk questions.

I’m not sure if the silences are a good thing or a bad, he was just looking at me through the camera while the silences were happening lol.

I think he’s super cute, I just couldn’t tell if he was nervous or not interested. We didn’t really talk about setting up an in-person date yet, I kinda wanted to ask him what he was looking for on the dating app but kinda chickened out.

He told me his phone battery was about to die and I sorta just asked him if he was about to go to sleep and he said yeah and we just said it was nice talking to each other and ended the call...

I’m not sure how he might be feeling or what he might be thinking about. I’m not a huge fan of FaceTime only because I feel like I don’t look as well on camera and I hate the way I sound.

Are awkward silences normal? How should I follow up to see if he’s interested or not?
Awkward silences during FaceTime... are they normal?
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