A guy initiated a heavy make out session and stopped there?

Some background: This guy and I are friends, we've known each other for almost a year. Few months ago, he made out with my in front of the crowd at a party he invited me too while drunk. I got panicked and left, and afterwards just pretended nothing happened. Later he came up to me apologized, said he didn't plan to make move on me, he's normally a very shy person and stuff, and asked if we can stay friends.

After which, we hang out couple times more for drinks, brunch and stuff. And we would send few texts every now and then. During the process I started to feel like I kinda like him. He would compliment me on how I look and stuff, but overall just like friends, nothing flirty.

And here is the main course:

We were at a rave and got drunk again. We went out to smoke and he started kissing me. It was raining and we were soaked, so we moved the make out session to the backseat of my car. It was a pretty hot & intense make out, with heavy petting, dry humping and fingering involved. To a point I was pretty certain that we were gonna have sex.

But after making out for an hour or so, it was almost 3am, he suddenly stopped & put his shirt back on, asking if we should go to bed. And I got super confused. The rave was right by an hotel, and our hotel rooms are on the same floor (we both had roomates). He kissed me again in the elevator, drop me off in front of my room and went back to his. I got very confused and texted him "what the heck was that" and said he's super weird.

The next morning he texted me saying "sorry got super drunk yesterday" and later asked me if I got home ok. After I responded he just never texted me back.

So rn im just very confused about what's going on with this dude. Does he like me at all? Is he worried about underperforming? So far he has been posting pictures from the rave, being active in our group chat instead of talking to me. Should I talk to him about what's going on, or just pretend nothing happened and let it pass like last time?
A guy initiated a heavy make out session and stopped there?
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