Why is my friends with benefits ignoring me?

I've been seeing this guy for like 6 months. We both agreed to keep things casual. We hang out weekly and sometimes do activities other than sex because we get along well as friends. We've never had an argument and the sex is amazing. He's really affectionate toward me, but I think that's just his personality.

Last Friday I sent him a text to meet up and still no response. He usually always gets back to me. He also always responds to Snapchats I send him and he didn't respond to that either. He has been going through some depression because he lost his job due to Covid and only has a few friends here because he moved here for that job. He never wants to talk about it so I don't pry. Also recently we both got tested and decided to stop using condoms and he said "my only rule is don't fall in love" and I thought it was a weird thing to say after sleeping together for months. The last time I saw him every thing was normal sex dinner movie etc. We talked the next couple days then nothing.

I'm confused why he's randomly ignoring me. I'm not sure if he's just depressed and having a hard time? Or maybe he caught some feelings or he just doesn't want to hookup anymore? I can be emotionally cold at times but I'd feel bad if he was really sad. Also the sex is amazing and I want it to continue. Should I reach out one more time?
Why is my friends with benefits ignoring me?
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