Crush was shy at first, then started coming around. Is he interested?

Ok so long story short, he had trouble at first. He'd always stare at me when I wasn't looking and when we walk past each other he looks down. Then one day he randomly waved at me, so I initiated conversation. He constantly looked me in the eyes as we were talking, smiling with his teeth showing, laughed at my lame joke, stood within arm length of me, had his feet pointed towards me - yet no blushing, pupils weren't dilated.

One other time, I said see ya and he stumbled over his words trying to respond back. Afterwards, he said hey as we walked by each other and waved at me the exact same day. Everytime he walked past me when he thought I wasn't paying attention, he would sigh around me. Like every single time, and he still does this. I've caught him staring numerous times and he was already looking at me.

Recently when we walked past each other, I'd look up and he'd look at me in the eyes and not say anything so I'd smile. What I found interesting about that is he didn't look straight ahead or have his head down when walking past me. I feel like he isn't interested because of mixed signals, but what do you guys think? Should I ask for his number as well, to see if he wants to talk more even as friends?
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Just yesterday he said hey again. I'm so confused.
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Spoke to a friend of his. Turns out he's actually just a weird guy lol but a good weird. I don't think he's interested and I'm fine with it
Crush was shy at first, then started coming around. Is he interested?
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