Does a man fit anywhere into my life right now? How can I struggle less?

So, I have been tortured.

I want to do better and have a better life but I have a hard time finding my equal or knowing when a guy takes me seriously. I really do. I also am economically disadvantaged, 3 of my major care takers passed away and I have been thrown around since and graduated college payign for it myself. The people in my college town enough conspired against me to harm me. I am Chrisitan and it has been hard to find someone who is also Christian and who is not evil. I have seen one Christian in the city I have been in in 2 months now and I take the subway everyday. I can only think about moving to finally get a chance to study and think. I have a min wage temp job and I have a 400 rent. A check that will take a month to get here, and the potential to create a graphics design portfolio.

So yeah this guy stopped responding to my messages too and it makes me sad. The men are bad here and most men try to beat women up and stop good men from approaching them and then torture women, Its hard to be this way because I have problems and they react more viciously. Its a nightmare and a hell unimaginable and its never ending until I find a way to leave.
I get mad because I see bad men actually keeps nice guys away from you. I have no way to meet good men. Everything is closed, or friends either. I have no money, my check was lost in the mail, again and so I am stranded here. The men around me are intentionally awful. Evil. And messedup and mad at me before I meet them for untrue rumors.
I wanted to move in with this guy I still do, but he does not seem to be able to handle the changes since moving to the bad city. I then no when i said no sex, and now not really talking after all the crazy stuff.

So now what do I do? Are men of any value for me? And saving for the next month preferably 2 weeks until my check gets here (worth a month of work) and finally completing a portfolio. Is it a dead end? I
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I mean I met this guy onlne and he said I COULD move in and took it back because he said he would want sex and now he just sort of screws aroudn with me I think on the phone. He got really mad at me once and I think he was serious? But how can you leave a woman who needs help stranded? :/ he said he thought I just needed money. w. e and nowhe hasn't responeded to my messages... I need help though :/ what do I do? Why do men give you so much lip and rage about it though?
Does a man fit anywhere into my life right now? How can I struggle less?
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