My crush's friend may like me, and they're best friends.. help?

So basically I'm in a high school band and every day after we have a game we go out to a restaurant. This game I was allowed to stay out and go. So I sat at a table with my friends (including my crush and his friend, who I somewhat know) and my crush asked if I wanted to switch spots with him I said sure but his friend who was sitting next to me pulled me back and said don't switch. I was confused but thought nothing of it. With my closer friends I started to do the hand thing (measure your hand with someone else's) because I'm quite short and they are taller than me so why not. Whatever, we get done doing that with my two friends then I do it to my crush's friend's hand, then to my crush's hand. Not surprisingly I had the smallest or as they called it "baby hands" And then proceeded to call me shortie throughout the night. So we get out food and then my crush's friend started to make jokes around the waiter so I slapped him and then he started to poke me. On the side of my arm, then up onto my face? I didn't do anything because I know he just wanted a reaction out of me. That night the friend also payed for my meal because like an idiot I forgot my money.
Liking me 🥰
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My crush's friend may like me, and they're best friends.. help?
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