(SERIOUS) Do you find women who can kill attractive? Is that wrong?

I'd prefer answers to this question from other men, but lesbian/bi women can answer too.

And before anyone calls me a psychopath, the reason why I'm asking this is because my ex-girlfriend was a bit of a tomboy. One day, her father encountered a rattlesnake and almost got bitten by it, but my ex rushed in there with a machete and chopped its head right off, before leaving it to die (snakes can survive after being decapitated for an hour). And when I talked to her about it, she wasn't the slightest bit disturbed or upset. She said, and I quote, "Heh, that rattler had it coming."

Yes, I do find it attractive if a woman is willing to kill something/someone attractive. But it's not because I'm a mental case. I find masculine traits more attractive than feminine traits, and being willing to take a life is a masculine trait, in my honest opinion. Why? Because men are more likely to do it. Most hunters, warriors, and killers in general throughout human history have been men and boys.

It's not enough to know that a woman is physically capable of killing--being tall, muscular, armed, a skilled fighter, et cetera. Plenty of women who fit any of those criteria are feminine. She also has to be willing to do so. A woman who's too girly and nurturing/gentle to do that, to me, is a MASSIVE turn-off. And from what I've seen, a lot of women are too gentle to. But there are times when I think that finding a woman who's willing to take a life attractive is a bit extreme. Again, I like it when a woman is more like a guy than a girl. But is finding it hot if she is willing to kill something wrong? Also, does anyone here (preferably men) also find it attractive if a woman can do this? This is a serious question here! Do any other guys here feel the same way, and is finding this trait attractive wrong?
(SERIOUS) Do you find women who can kill attractive? Is that wrong?
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