Why do I attract older man but men my own age don't even acknowledge me?

If never been a issue for me but I've always seemed to get on with men slightly older than me more than I could with men my own age.

My boyfriend is 5 years older than me and when I was younger all the sixth form boys wanted to date me in high school but boys in my own class treated me like a joke and would sometimes bully me. The only males I got on with at school were the teachers and I will admit looking back some of the male teaching staff at my over did there duty of care when it came to me. Luckily nothing happened but now I think some of my male teachers were inappropriately close to me. They acted more like my friend and one or two would let me stay behind class and watch flims with them and talk about life outside of school and have deep conversations sometimes and share stuff with me like books and art work etc. One teacher even bought me my lunch and let me wear his coat because I was a stubborn girl and wouldn't eat or wear my coat at lunch time but if it was any other students they wouldn't care.

Now I'm older I've noticed a lot of older men will approach me sometimes even married men in there 30s to 40s and tell me I'm stunning and beautiful etc. I don't entertain it and just brush it off. I just assume they must be really desperate but some have actually been very attractive older man too which has shocked me.

If it's a guy around my own age they rarely approach me and see me as invisible. All my friends used to get boys ask them to dance but not me. I've always been made to feel like the odd one out amongst my peers. Like I'm the strange one or something.

I do prefer older man too which is handy but I don't know if that's because they've always treated me better then men my own age. I'm just another girl to them but to men in their late 20s to 60s I'm apparently "very attractive"
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Doesn't really bother me as I'm in a very happy relationship with my lovely man but it's just something I've always wondered
Why do I attract older man but men my own age don't even acknowledge me?
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