Is he interested or am I just delusional?

I told my coworker u had a crush on him and he just stood there smiling. Afterwards he kind of followed me around talking to me and then I asked if he wanted to hangout with me and some of my friends he said yes. He was very attentive and we had a very good time. A couple of days later I asked him what his plans were the next day and he said whatever you're doing. I had plans with same group of friends again so he decided to join us. He seemed much more distant this time we hung out. He didn't walk with me and talk with me as much but we were also in a different environment. The first time we went for a walk in the park, the second time thrift shopping. After shopping I asked if everyone wanted to come over and watch a movie he bought me when we were shopping. They said yes and him and my good girl friend came over. We were going to have drinks and I told the girl driving she'd have to stay over if she got drunk. He chimed in from the back seat I could stay over too I don't have to work tomorrow. We watched the movie in my room and I wanted him to sit next to me in my bed he sat next to me in a chair instead, which is much less intimate. Later we were going out to eat and they were going to leave afterwards so my friend could take him home and I told him he could stay over if he wanted and he said no I want to get some food which was going to happen anyways. It's he interested or not? everytime I think he totally is then he throws me a curveball.
Is he interested or am I just delusional?
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