Can this man I met on the internet be trusted?

We are from two different countries and met on a random chat app in April last year and have been talking every day since. We eventually moved to WhatsApp and then started following each other on Instagram. Early on he told me he was looking for a relationship and I told him I was not. 3 months after we started talking, I was telling him to go on dates and meet other girls and he told me he loves me and wants to come to my country to meet but since there was travel restrictions we couldn't. About 6 months in, I also told him I love him too. Later, about 8 months in, he asked me if I think I could ever be his wife, my answer to that was that I love him but I think we should see how things go after we meet, try dating and go from there. He treats me very well and I feel he is very transparent with me and I try to be with him too. Even though we are just talking and we made it clear we are not dating, we are with each other like boyfriend and girlfriend and talk a lot about the future. However, there are certain things that bother me. Things like certain accounts he follows on Instagram, liking pictures of his ex and other random girls. He is coming to my country this August but I want things to be clear before he comes. Should I bring my concerns up?
Can this man I met on the internet be trusted?
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