Guys, did you ever spanked your girl?

Recently I received a spanking from my ex. No. We can't stop seeing eachother because we are working together and even after work we attend some meetings or events together. I guess we still love eachother. Yesterday I had a party at my place and I invited all my coworkers. I tried to make him jealous by inviting a guy I know he just can't stand. I purposely let that man hug me and flirt with me just to annoy my ex. He was really mad, indeed. So he pulled me aside and whispered "i know your game and when everyone leaves I'm going to bend you over my knee and spank you." I laughed and I acted like that it's a joke. He was drunk so I didn't take him seriously. That and also he never hit me before. Never knew him as a believer in corporal punishment. So after my party was over.. indeed he kept his word. I was over his knee in no time. It hurt but I didn't really struggle to escape. I was kinda shocked, then excited. I told him to stop and I whimpered in protest. He did stop when I was already crying and telling him.. I never received such a treatment before. We made love like never before.

We are back together due to an odd incident.
I am still trying to understand if I really like this new side of him.
Guys, did you ever spanked your girl?
Guys, did you ever spanked your girl?
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