Is he trying to make me jealous?

So I have this coworker which I closely work with and now I am wondering is he trying to make me jealous or is this all in my head.

We never were very close (like friends), but I noticed that he literally is staring at me for minutes and smiling and all of it. Sometimes we talk about work, sometimes unrelated, he used to hint me for a coffee, tease me, say how I could help him (with non work related stuff), etc.

The thing is we never talked about it and I am very careful with that because of the workspace, but we also can’t be together because of the cultural
differences and I am sure he know this.

Lately, he started to ignore my texts (which are by the way about work) and just interrupt me while I am speaking. He started to bring other women into conversations, showing how he “meet” with them, showing mails from other female coworkers.

He is very loud about his car, money, travel and how he is so social...

I am the only one who gets the treatment like this, he doesn’t listen my ideas, think how my work is bad etc.

I am not sure if it is relevant, but he is short height, nerdy, flirty guy and I think he doesn’t even have any woman in his life.

I really just wanna do my work and I was wondering why he has to tell us and show how he gets contacted by them, what he sad, what they said and how he is helping them. Why can’t he keep that for himself and go out with them?
Is he trying to make me jealous?
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