What do men find attractive in a girl?

I’m on dating apps, and can’t find anyone. The last one I had chat with: His pictures? He looked kind and caring. I said on my profile that I’m looking for someone decent, he asked me what do I mean by decent, and he approved with the points I made (he was actually the first person who asked me what I mean). He said he’s interested in me. But after 3days chat, 2 days ago I asked him if he liked video games (because he just didn’t say much and kept asking for photos, because I had few on my profile and when I sent him he asked for more, so I said I’m not gonna send you anymore photos) And he hasn’t answered since then. He’s seen the message but he hasn’t answered.
So I look at myself and ask is it me?
I haven’t dated in 6years because I was too busy and involved with my own life and decisions and decided not to bother anyone when I had conflicting situations and emotions. So, am I out of practice?
I have put on my profile what are my interests. I’m an artist, I read lots of fiction books, I watch movies and series a lot, I’m a gamer, I love camping and build fire and cook outdoors. I’m also an f1 fan. I sing, don’t smoke. English isn’t my first language, and I also speak Italian (I’m looking for guys in my own country). And I don’t want kids and marriage (not ready for it and don’t believe in it either). So what’s wrong? I want to find a guy with close tastes and have fun and enjoy. Please let me know what you think and thanks in advance.
What do men find attractive in a girl?
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