Should I confess my feelings?

I was in a jam regarding getting an apartment. Even my good friends flaked on me while they know I am a really responsible, trustworthy person.

I deep down knew a guy who previously confessed his feelings to me but I turned down due to him being in a (miserable) relationship would help me but I was reluctant to ask because of the whole confession. I was surprised when he did because I sensed a little strange vibe from him but I didn't realise it was this giagntic longing he had for me. He held it in for two years nearly.

After 5 months of radio silence between us, I texted him and he responded instantly and agreed to help without hesitation.

He was also in a jam so I said I would help him too. After, I agreed to help him he said to me that I was better to him than his own family and friends.

Also, he was being really laid back with me then all of a sudden his tone got really formal and professional with me. Just like it had been in the two years before he let out all his feelings.

Should I confess back to him and ask him the status of his relationship or let sleeping dogs lie? I always felt we were really compatible but was afraid to really say anything.
Should I confess my feelings?
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Thanks to everyone. I confessed and though the feelings are reciprocated nothing will be coming of it.
Should I confess my feelings?
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