Is this Turkish neighbor guy interested in me?


So i am a foreign who is living in istanbul turkey.. and there is this very handsome athletic guy who is living in my same building i meet with him regularly at the elevator or local shops esp at the weekends when it happens to be our times similar i guess..

I consider myself beautiful yes but a little chubby i am in the process of loosing weight… anyhow

From our first meeting i could swear that i got this unnamed connection with staring and I couldn’t even understand it …

first time ever we met at the cashier of a shop it was a 3 sec kind of thing look and then he went out to get back to the building and there was a woman waiting for him I couldn’t tell who she was …

secound time it was when he stopped the elevator i was in to get on it... i just said (good day) before i leave the elevator and he responded and that was it..

third time i meet him in the entrance of the bulding leaving with an old woman who I assumed was his mom

he then stared at me twice without saying hey or anything.. i also didn’t..

fourth time again stopped the elevator while i was in it start with nodding his head said (merhaba) means hello

I responded… when i was getting out of it he approached me by saying goodbye I responded again …

fifth time again seeing him with people around him.. he just kept looking without saying hey or nodding 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

and the last time he was coming out of elevator with a woman I believe it was the same person i saw with him the first time … as the elevators door opens he saw me and he just frozen i swear without any reaction and kept stareing at me for more then 10 sec i think and then he finally moved and get out so i could came in !!

now what is that kind of behavior means? And why can’t he say hello when he is with other people? Why is he saying hello only when we meet alone?
can you please help me?

Is this Turkish neighbor guy interested in me?
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