Is he interested or just seeking attention?


There's this guy in my class I recently got to know

He's been showing some signs that he likes me, we never really flirt but he always tries to talk to me, be around me, his body language, intense stare, big smiles like he's been making it so obvious that he's attracted.

I asked him if he had a girlfriend, he said that it's complicated, he doesn't have a girlfriend but he's been on couple dates with someone. and he said he's seeing her this week and would let me know how it went when we meet next time.

and since that conversation he's been making it more obvious and pursuing me more.

what's up with that? is he trying to see if I'm interested since he's technically not in a 'committed relationship'?

I'm confused because if I were him, I would have just answered 'no I don't have a girlfriend' when asked. so for him to say 'I've been seeing someone' I thought he's not that into me.


Is he interested or just seeking attention?
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