My boyfriend of 5 years wants a break. Was his reason legit and should I wait for him?

Boyfriend of 5 years brokeup with me , he needed time to figure himself out and that he has a lot of issues he does not want to drag me into it. He told me that he and his familycannot giveme a goodfuture and that I deservebetter. I dont know what issue he has been goingthrough but guessing its financally and he feel lost about his future. I never seen him this stressed out before and lately he has been on a lot of alcohol and weed everynight. Anotherreason is that he say that I am not expressive enough and that he likes expressive girl. I am not an expressive person and I don’t grow up in family that express our feelings so I don’t usually express my love first I prefer expressing through other actions and to him sometimes it seems like when I say it I don’t do it wholeheartedly. He was very hurt by it but through out our relationship we never really have a deep talk about this issue. He says that this20% was missing but it a big deal for him because he is from a broken family and needed it. I begged him for a chance to workitout and change but he does not want to get back. He agreed on a break on the relationship and keep talking and see if It could get better I told him I will do my best to change. We still talk but he is very hot and cold. Someday he just seems so rude and does not want to talk to me so I back off. But he still spamming likes on every social media post and then initiate contact.

It was toxic for me so I told him that if he kept talking to me because he felt bad for me or if he is exploring other options I don’t think I can continue this and its better if we stop. He told me he is not talking to anyone and still have feeling for me and give him some time.

We are in LDR rightnow he was planning a trip to come see me for mygraduation I as i am studyingaboard we booked everything and its just gone downhill 2weeks before the trip when he started getting stressed and on alcohol andweed.

Was his reasons legit? And should I continue and wait for him?

My boyfriend of 5 years wants a break. Was his reason legit and should I wait for him?
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