The Call and The Reaction/ Response?


When Guys hear a lady screaming/ yelling, do they:

The Call and The Reaction/ Response?

- arousing ;p

- distressing :o

- annoying >:[

or find it intriguing? 0.0

(is there an initial feeling/thought? Do you go see what's the matter? wish they'd stop? ready to punch someone, if have to, or run (fight/ flight)?

If you think it's a threat, does a certain type of threat come to mind?

i. e. (an assaulter (maybe male but could be both); a fighter (a female but could be both); a child of theirs/ family member in need of help; a public robbery; a hostage/ lethal situation; a natural disaster)

What do you think? What's felt? and What is the typical response?

The Call and The Reaction/ Response?

(like when I hear a baby or child shriek, my heart races and I instantly move towards them to see their area and see if they need help. My heart will be pounding so hard. When I hear a woman scream it's somewhat like the child, but not 100%. When I hear a man scream it is about the same as the woman's, but I'm more cautious and weighing of the scenario because I assume the man may have been overcome by something stronger or more dangerous, and I would have to properly assess that. 100, you have my word... I'm always intervening: male, female, or child. I move urgently to any of them, so if a disaster is about to happen in seconds, I am ready to aid/ assist them. When I hear babies on planes crying and they're fine... I get pretty ticked off.. Highly annoyed, and my heart races in stress/aggravation. I usually am like this because one- it's like a false alarm, and two- because I don't know.. seems like a spoiled baby (why can't we all sit in peace and TRANQUILITY- TRANQUILIZE THIS COOKIE NUGET lol jk..)

The Call and The Reaction/ Response?

(SO while the rest above is true... sometimes I DO feel a bit "hot" when I hear a guy yelling (upset at his friends or cheerfully). I'm just thinking- wow, what a strong brand of vocal cords you got there, sunny lmao)

Do it again :D

The Call and The Reaction/ Response?
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