Guys, does my ex who played me miss me?


My ex ghosted me a few months ago and i found out he had a girlfriend (s) the entire time we were together ( we were actually only together for like 2 weeks lmao)

i didn’t talk to him at all or message him after that and i started talking to other guys. but lately he’s been texting me again and added all my friends on snap, plus moved closer to me in class. his best friend also walked up to me privately and said he missed me but “knew i wouldn’t get back with him after everything that happened.”

i thought they were just fucking with me until i heard ab his other exes. it was sad ro see other girls try to get back with him while he blocked them and told them to go fuck/ kill themselves while spreading lies. it was horrible to hear but i was grateful he didn't do those things to me

I don't know why he would talk to me again tho. he always has sex while im a virgin and never kissed anyone.

im still talking to other guys and dont plan on getting back w him but I don't know why he’s been talking to me again when we didn't talk for months.

is he trying fuck me over again, or does he actually miss me?

Guys, does my ex who played me miss me?
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